Hynova 40, the first electro-hydrogen boat is ready

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hynova 40


hynova 40

Hynova 40 debuting – Photo by Sigrun Sauerzapfe.

French company Hynova is developing a cutting-edge project to build recreational boats powered by hydrogen. In Marseille, Marseille-based entrepreneur Chloé Zaied officially launched the world’s first recreational boat that uses hydrogen to sail without polluting. It’s called the Hynova 40.

Hynova 40

In December we told you about this boat (read here) and the link with the Toyota brand. Hynova is the world’s first brand of boats with electro-hydrogen propulsion as standard. The first made-in-France model, the Hynova 40, called “The New Era”, was launched in the Palumbo shipyards in Marseille, where it is currently being tested.

The 12-meter-long Hynova 40 is battery-powered. It is the first recreational powerboat equipped with a fuel cell system. It effectively introduces hybrid-electric technology (powered by zero-emission hydrogen) to recreational boating. It is supported by Toyota’s Hydrogen Range Extender with fuel cell technology.

Hynova 40: how it works

The Hynova 40 is the first recreational powerboat equipped with a fuel cell system. With two 150 kW motors combined with two batteries, it can reach 15 knots cruising with 25 knots maximum. When the boat is not moving, the fuel cells recharge the batteries. When more power is needed fuel cells and batteries push the motors together.

hynova 40 hydrogen

How Hynova 40 works

Already approved as a pleasure boat, the craft is designed for daily use. It measures 12.65 meters and takes advantage of the REXH2 solution developed by the project’s technology partner Energy Observer Developments. Now begins for the boat a promotional tour around the French Riviera where will be shown the main features of the boat.

On this occasion, Hynova and its partners will present their electro-hydrogen propulsion and energy efficiency solutions, and highlight associations that share the same eco-responsible values. Environmental awareness workshops and the discovery of zero-emission boating will also be offered.

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