This is the first ‘flying’, electric, amphibious boat. His name is Iguana Foiler


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Iguana Foiler
Iguana Foiler

Iguana Yachts presents a new project, a boat with solutions that are as innovative as they are fascinating, such that they make it the first of its kind: it is theIguana Foiler, a 10-meter full-electric, amphibious and, most importantly, also foiling. In a nutshell, it is a design worthy of the most iconic Sci-fi, a boat capable of speeds of 30 knots ‘flying’ on three foils, ready, however, to continue ashore, thanks to retractable Caterpillar tracks.

Iguana Foiler

Regardless of its appeal, the new Iguana Foiler is a truly distinctive and undoubtedly noteworthy 33-footer. Powered by a 120 Kwh (lithium-ion) battery pack and propelled by a 300-horsepower Evoy electric outboard (adapted prototype), it is in fact capable of sustaining speeds of 30 knots in foiling regime. A solution that not only gives undreamed-of excitement, but also allows for improved range of the boat, which, in foiling regime, greatly reduces hydrodynamic drag, increasing the overall range to as much as 50 nautical miles, equivalent to 92.6 km.

Iguana Yachts
Iguana Foiler – Here the positions taken by the components both ashore and at sea are well shown

Going into more detail, the foil system first consists of two distinct curved blades placed amidships and a stern fin integrated with the outboard. Respectively, the first two, foldable, are intended to provide the main lift, while the third, inverted T-shaped, not only provides additional stability, but also extends and stabilizes the foot of the outboard. The land traction system, on the other hand, consists of two separate folding Caterpillar systems, a solution that contains them in the broadside, thus avoiding disturbance during navigation, but allowing for good land traction while keeping the hull elevated.

Iguana Foiler – Top View

In terms of the rest of the boat, however, the design is more classic, with a cockpit equipped with a table and sofa, wheelhouse and center seating, and forward lounge. Top speeds are around 30 knots in the water and 6.5 km/h on land, for a range of about 50 nautical miles, or more than 92 kilometers.

Iguana Foiler

Technical Data

Length Over All (LOA) 10 m
Baglio 3.10 m
Baglio Massimo (with open foils) 5.0 m
Weight 4,050 kg
Electric Outboard Motorization Evoy 300 hp
Battery Capacity 120Kwh
Maximum Speed 30 kn
Ground speed 6.5 km/h
Autonomy 50 mn
Embarkable Load 1,000 kg
Embarkable Persons 8


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