Inagua S (10 meters) is Rio Yachts’ first inflatable boat (up to 50 knots)


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Rio Yachts - Inagua S
Rio Yachts – Inagua S

The inflatable boat market, also for 2022, continues its expansion. When you have 61 years of boat-building experience and 141 models launched (with thousands of units sold) on your side, new markets are a challenge you can hardly pass up. This is the case of Rio Yachts, which in 2022 will take a historic step, namely to expand its production by creating a brand new maxi-rib “division,” formed of the two ranges Inagua and Exuma. The first model to see the light of day is the Rio Yachts – Inagua S, debuting at the upcoming fall boat shows.

Rio Yachts – Inagua S

Rio Yachts – Inagua S is a model that follows the philosophy that has made Rio Yachts’ latest creations successful, namely the
Rio Daytona 34
and the
Rio Daytona 46
. The trend is now clear to everyone: the ones that are going for the most are day boats (with perhaps one or two cabins below deck, depending on size), and so what better model than the inflatable boat? Comfort of use, including handling and safety, has won over owners of large yachts, for use not just as a tender, but as a boat to enjoy the sea to the fullest. In this sense, a boat must meet high quality standards to win the market.

Inagua S - Rio Yachts
Inagua S – Rio Yachts

The first Rio Yachts inflatable boat will be the Inagua S, an “entry-level” rib a full 10 meters (the flagship will be 18 meters long) that is preparing to make its debut at the upcoming Cannes and Genoa 2022 boat shows. Again overseeing the project was Marino Alfani, already the author of many Rio Yachts projects, who will be called upon to take on a very difficult challenge: to make Rio inflatable boats stand out in a very crowded market.

It should be noted that Rio Yachts is a brand that manufactures its boats, pneumatic and otherwise, entirely in Italy. A choice that allows for better control over the production cycle and how the work is carried out by the workers.

Rio Yachts – Inagua S – Project

What does Inagua S, the first inflatable boat from Rio Yachts, look like? The three elements the shipyard relies on the most are three: the dashboard, the tubular and the T-Top.

The development of the tubulars of the new Inagua S inflatable boat sees the stern cone “truncated,” that is, with a clear cut. This leads to characteristic color solutions in the range that echo the turquoise color and create a continuous line along all RIBs.

The design driving console takes the shape of a diamond with sharp facets with the aim of making it refined and elegant. Finally, the t-top aims to be light in appearance but solid in substance with supports that fit into the driver’s bench and rest against the deck. As a result, the driver’s bench is suspended from the deck and allows for lightness and cleanliness of the deck.

Rubber boat data sheet: Rio Yachts – Inagua S

Length f.t. 10.90 m
Baglio: 3.7 m
Fishing: 0.86 m
Weight: 3700 kg
Persone: 16
Fuel: 620 lt
Water: 95 lt
Bathrooms: 1
Category: B
Top Speed: 50 knots
Maximum power: 2×300 hp

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