Ingemar, here are the ports of the future


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Where to moor the boat this summer? We help you. We have selected for you 15 of the best marinas in the Mediterranean in 2022 that are perfect as a home base for your vacation or cruise stop. They are state-of-the-art ports in terms of the services they offer. Here is where to moor between Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, Corsica, Puglia, Veneto, and Friuli. We present them to you one by one.


“A body immersed in a fluid undergoes a bottom-up thrust equal to the weight of the liquid displaced”-more than two thousand years have passed, but this principle discovered by Archimedes remains the basis of Ingemar’s floating systems. A market leader in Italy and around the world for marine structures and docks, Ingemar however, it does not just stand on the shoulders of the giants of the past and looks resolutely to the future, testing its products with experimentation and stringent functional testing; at a time when statistics confirm the continued growth of boat sizes and the facilities that accommodate them require new dedicated water space and extra-large mooring infrastructure.

Growing interest in the use of large-scale breakwaters and pontoons has meant that the latest major achievements Ingemar, in Italy and abroad, have been developed in this area, so much so that it convinced the group to start production of new reinforced concrete and polystyrene modules and new semi-elastic anchoring systems. These 6-meter-wide concrete modules complement the 20-meter-long and 4- to 10-meter-wide elements, with weights ranging from 79 to 185 tons.

As with other installations, the new elements were produced close to the installation sites using the unique mobile construction site, which relocates the production of the bulkier components, reducing the huge costs of moving them. Thus, for example, Ingemar produced the 8×20-meter and 10×20-meter breakwaters in La Spezia, while in Olbia it made 22 130-ton breakwaters, which then, towed by sea, created the protections for the marinas of Cala dei Sardi in the Gulf of Cugnana and Cala Balbiano in La Maddalena. The XXL series pontoons, on the other hand, have been used in several Middle Eastern countries-from Kuwait to Oman to Dubai and the other Emirates. And here, too, production has been on-site through special licensing agreements with local industry groups.

To connect these giant modules to the seabed, the Ingemar R&D department has developed a new type of semi-elastic anchor, consisting of a rigid and a deformable part, with predefined load and elongation characteristics. The new elastomeric joints were used to anchor 20×6-meter breakwater modules in situations where shallow water made traditional systems unsuitable: satisfactory results showed the overall stability of the barriers’ planform arrangement and progressive damping capabilities free of peak loads on the anchors.

For more than 40 years Ingemar has been manufacturing and installing floating pontoons and breakwaters in Italy and abroad and is now among the few companies in the industry with production autonomy. It is based in Milan, where it was founded in 1979, and in Casale sul Sile, Treviso (Facebook: IngemarGroup – Instagram: ingemar_1979).

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