Invictus TT460, this walk-around does not go unnoticed


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Invictus TT460
Invictus TT460

The sea is a way of life and this boat was born from the desire to give shape to that energy, to the emotion of a day on board – Christian Grande, designer of Invictus Yacht

Invictus TT460

The Invictus TT460, the flagship of Invictus Yacht, since its debut has managed to define itself in the market as an elegant and at the same time modern yacht, with special attention to the owner to whom is dedicated a path of customization. The TT460 by Invictus is a 14-meter Italian boat that embodies all the values of the dolce vita Mediterranean combined with the latest technologies on the market. Today we climb aboard this motorboat and talk about:

Invictus TT460 – Exteriors and deck

Looking at this 14-meter motorboat, you can immediately tell it’s an Invictus. The elegant lines despite the boat are powerful fall perfectly in the family feeling of the shipyard. To give momentum to the profile is the windshield that continues joining with the carbon hardtop creating a movement to the line from the bow to the middle of the boat.

Invictus TT460 hardtop
Profile of the Invictus TT460 hardtop


Coming aboard from the aft platform, which at the owner’s request can be covered in teak, the Invictus TT460 is immediately appreciated for its volumes. The deck has a perimeter walkway along the entire length of the boat that allows you to move around always being at ease on board.  In the bow, there is a sundeck, equipped with a retractable seat on the front. In the middle of the boat, thanks to the folding tables, the dinette can make room for a second sundeck, which is protected by the hardtop.

Invictus TT460 sundeck
Invictus TT460 bow sundeck


In response to market demand, at the height of the second sundeck, the bulwarks can be fitted with folding side terraces. In this way the available surface on the deck increases, overcoming the limits imposed by the beam. The entire main deck, in addition to the aft platform mentioned above, can be covered in teak. In addition, the Invictus TT460 can be equipped with a hydraulic handling device to facilitate the boarding and the management of the tender. It may seem obvious, but it is difficult to find such support aboard a 14-meter boat.

Invictus TT460 seating
Invictus TT460 aft

Invictus TT460 – Interiors

As per tradition with Invictus Yacht, when we go below deck the freedom of customization is really great. A boat that responds in full to the needs, tastes, and personality of an owner. From the open space solution, with a convertible double bed in the stern and a lounge area in the bow, up to the creation of bulkheads for the division of space and a consequent increase in privacy. The important thing is to think upstream to what will then be the actual use of the boat.

Invictus TT460
Owner’s cabin of the Invictus TT460

Customization comes not only from the configuration of the boat but also from the finishes and details. The choice of colors and upholstery can be made thanks to the presence of the Atelier Invictus, which leaves the customer considerable freedom of choice, allowing him to configure the boat according to his tastes and needs.

The Atelier Invictus provides the shipowner with a network of specialized craftsmen and highly qualified suppliers. In this way, right from the first stages of the purchase, the new owner is guided through a virtual laboratory: here the boat is designed with individual material inserts and dedicated equipment. The standard boat thus becomes in the image and likeness of the owner’s tastes.

Invictus TT460 – Motorization and performance

The taut and essential lines of this Invictus hull are created to combine performance, sailing comfort, and design. The Invictus TT460, in line with its modern attitude, is motorized with two Volvo Penta IPS650 thrusters that allow low consumption and easy management and maneuvering of the boat very appreciable, even by beginners. In this configuration, the boat has a top speed of about 35 knots, recorded in flat sea conditions with 600 liters (out of 1300 total embarkable) of fuel and 10 people on board.

RPM (2x IPS650) Speed (knots) Total Consumption (l/h)
600 4.2 //
1000 6.5 //
1500 9 23.4
2000 11.4 57
2500 17.5 88
3000 24.7 118
3500 31.8 160
TOP 35.3 187

Specification of the boat: Invictus TT460

  • Overall length / Length overall: 14.27 m
  • Maximum overall width / Maximum beam: 4.43 m
  • Maximum height: 4.5 m
  • Weight: 14,740 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 3,110 kg
  • Maximum number of people: 12
  • Diesel Engine: Volvo Penta D6 2 x IPS 650
  • Maximum speed: 35.5 kn
  • Cruising speed: 25 kn
  • Fridge: 200 l
  • Fuel tank: 1300 l
  • Water tank: 330 l
  • Hull/Deck Layering Materials: Fiberglass
  • Design: Christian Grande
  • Constructor / Builder: Cantieri Aschenez

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Invictus Yacht

Via Donnici 28, 88021 Borgia (CZ) – Italy – Phone: +39 096120388




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