Is it time for 300-horsepower diesel outboards? In Cannes, the CXO 300s on the Axopar 37


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Two CXO 300 diesel outboards from Cox Marine on an Axopar 37

The Cannes Boat Show will be one of the major showcases in 2021 for powerboats. Dozens and dozens are scheduled to make their world premieres. Not only boats, but also engines. Among them are diesel outboards from COX Marine, a British manufacturer that has announced the official presence of its CXO300 series, 300-horsepower diesel outboard engines at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 .

Cox diesel outboards at the Cannes boat show

Visitors to the Cannes 2021 boat show will be able to see not only world premiere boats (
click here to see them
), but also see Cox’s diesel outboards in action. The boat of choice is the best-seller of the last few years, the Axopar 37, which will mount aca pair of CXO 300s for the occasion.

It will also be possible to take part in on-board trials, but the number is limited. Reservations can be made through the Cox booth, PAN 376. The manufacturer advises interested parties to signal their interest as soon as possible, as high demand is expected.

CXO 300: how diesel outboards are made.

The 300-hp, twin-turbocharged CXO300 engine with 8-cylinder architecture is causing discussion. The manufacturer guarantees improved efficiency, at least 25% in fuel compared to gasoline outboards with equivalent power. Typical outboard torque is maintained even with these engines.

CXO300 diesel outboard

On the other hand, this type of outboard also promises to last three times as long as a classic gasoline-powered one and to have low noise and low emissions (the CXO is approved according to EPA Tier 3, RCD II, IMO II and BSO-II). In short, an engine definitely to be discovered, but one that is attracting the market because of its characteristics.

CXO 300 and Axopar 37 – Performance

The installation of two CXO300s aboard an Axopar 37 is the result of an agreement between Diesel Power, Cox Marine’s German distributor, and Axopar’s German dealer, Boote Polch. The Axopar 37 is in fact one of the best-sellers of recent years with thousands sold worldwide. The main features? Speed, stability and maneuverability. The boat has already proven to the market that it has all the makings to sail well. Now the ball is in the stern-applied CXOs, two 300-horsepower ones for 600 total horsepower.

The boat tested in Lymington, UK, and on the Mosel River, Germany, reached top speeds around 46 knots. Specifically in UK trials, with calm to moderate seas, the Axopar 37 consumed 142.08 liters per hour at 41 knots at about 4,000 rpm. In further tests on the Mosel River in Germany in calm conditions, the Axopar 37 reached a maximum speed of 46.3 knots at 3,900 rpm.

Also in this model, manufacturer Cox confirms that the CXO300 diesel outboard engine offers 25 percent better fuel efficiency than comparable gasoline outboards and highly competitive performance figures, including 479lb-ft of torque (650Nm) at 2,250-3,000 rpm.

Cox Marine diesel outboards are imported to Italy by Cartello SRL, click here for more information.



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