Is this jet ski the Vespa of the sea? It’s called the SeaCruiser


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SeaCruiser - SeaRider - Side View
SeaCruiser – SeaRider – Side View

Take the base of a jet ski(or if you prefer a jet ski) and mount a motorcycle-like or scooter-like fairing on it. That’s what France’s SeaRider has done with its SeaCruiser (sleeker) and SeaRider (sportier) models: two vehicles that look “land-based” but go to sea and are powered by an electric motor. The first reminds us of a very popular motorcycle, a symbol of Italian-ness: the Piaggio Vespa, and we are reminded of the Fiat 500 Offshore operation unveiled in 2023. The second, on the other hand, looks more like a supersport, perhaps naked and somewhat futuristic.

French brand SeaRider has optimized the design and functionality of the powertrain-comprising a dual electric motor with internal inverter-and the hull design to elevate the efficiency of the two vehicles SeaCruiser and SeaRacer. Contrary to what it may appear, the brand has not only paid attention to aesthetics but has thought about lines that can guarantee stability, safety and control, also because these two vehicles reach a considerable speed


SeaCruiser - SeaRider - View from Behind
SeaCruiser – SeaRider – View from Behind

SeaRider ‘s “cruising” model has a front body extremely similar to that of the world’s most famous scooter, complete with a headlamp. In place of the fender is the skid that follows the movements of the handlebars. The seat is elevated and you sit- alone, it is not approved for a passenger-just like on a moped, without the requirement to wear a helmet. The propulsion of this particular vehicle is provided by two electric motors with a total power output of 18 kW – equated by the brand to 30 hp – which are able to propel the Sea Vespa up to a top speed of 29 knots. The battery is removable and can accompany you for 90 minutes (as much as an hour and a half) around the hills of Bologna–nay, the beaches of Rimini. It weighs just 70 kilograms and is available in three pastel colors: magenta, cream and sugar paper.

SeaCruiser - SeaRider - Front View
SeaCruiser – SeaRider – Front View


SeaRacer - SeaRider - View from Behind
SeaRacer – SeaRider – View from Behind

The sportier version of the two vehicles produced by SeaRider is a vehicle with a sportier look and performance. It is reminiscent of a supersport road bike, with very modern, almost “future bike” lines. Again there is a front skid connected to the handlebar where there is also the throttle for acceleration. Approval is always for a single passenger, and in this case the engine has a power output of 33 kW comparable to that of a 45-horsepower engine. Weight is even lower than its cruising sibling-65 kilograms-and the claimed top speed is over 40 knots, while the range is reduced to 50 minutes. The SeaRacer watercraft (in every sense of the word) is available in three colors with a satin finish: light gray, gunmetal gray, and electric blue.

SeaRacer - SeaRider - Front View
SeaRacer – SeaRider – Front View

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