Is this the ultimate fisherman (19 mt) in 2022? Viking 64C


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Viking 64C
Viking 64C

The wait is over. And the promises have been kept. A few months after its launch, someone has already called it a “bestseller.” Others preferred to accompany his entry into the boating scene by affixing to him the term “gamechanger.” Some, then, have gone further by even coining the expression “the king of the big game.” Bringing them together is English, or rather it would be more correct to say American. It could not be otherwise.

Viking 64C

All the clues point in one direction and more specifically point straight to the United States in New Gretna, New Jersey. It is here, in this town with only a few hundred souls as inhabitants, that Viking is located. For devotees of the genre, there would be no need to add more, but for everyone else, it is necessary to remember that it is not just a construction site, but the construction site with a capital “c.”

Viking 64C
Viking 64C

It’s kind of like thinking about Harley-Davidson in the two-wheeled world. Viking is an undisputed icon and an absolute reference for those who love boats designed for deep-sea fishing. Since 1964, when it was founded, more than 4,000 boats have left the shipyard to date. The latest to hit the water was the Viking 64C (the “c” stands for Convertible).

Viking 64C underway
Viking 64C underway

Unveiled as a world premiere last November at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, it immediately gained attention, and after the reception it received in February at the Discovery Boating Miami International Boat Show, it stands to write another important chapter in the shipyard’s history.

Viking 64C to debut

“We never stop-it’s as simple as that,” says Viking president and CEO Pat Healey, who adds: “Each new model is an improvement on the previous one, because we are a design- and engineering-driven company. We have the best team in the industry, and this is what we do: design and build incredible boats.”

All true. And the new Viking 64C is no different. Over the past 20 years, Viking in the 60- to 70-foot range has launched eight different models (60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 68, and 70), with a total of 550 boats delivered.

Viking 64C Salon
Viking 64C Salon

“That’s an impressive amount of boats,” Pat Healey continued.. “And the team that designed and engineered all these models is the same team that designed and engineered our new 64. We’re very proud of that.”. Continuity. That’s the key word to introduce the novelty of the New Gretna construction site.

Cockpit of the Viking 64C
Cockpit of the Viking 64C

“The 64C turns the tables,” says Rich Lucas, Viking Brand Manager of Staten Island Yacht Sales. “Each new model features modifications designed to make it better than the previous one. The 64C is the result of feedback received from Viking owners to which are added the hundreds of hours spent on board by the Viking team. The hull was stiffened and slight changes were made to its shape using new CFD design software. The result results in a top speed of over 46 knots, a more efficient passage on the oda, and significantly reduced pitching.”

Viking 64C – Blanket

A boon for lovers of the genre and fans of Viking, which also in Europe in general and in Italy more specifically has many admirers thanks also to the work done by SNO Yachts, importer for the Italian market, for France, and for the central and southern Mediterranean area. Yes, because the most interesting changes are in the skids, which in the bow section have been slightly lowered to have a better incidence angle. Getting on board instead central element of the 64C is of course the cockpit, which covers a total area of 16.7 square meters. A space this designed with only one goal in mind: to offer the best for deep-sea sport fishing trips.

Cockpit of the Viking 64C
Cockpit of the Viking 64C

Nothing is missing: from the fighting station to the live and catch tanks; from the battery of rod holders to the storage areas to a space, in an elevated position, reserved for guests and equipped with every comfort. Staying in the area of open-air spaces, the Viking 64C adopts, as on the latest models, the walkaround configuration with a central dashboard served by three seats to which are added two sofas on either side plus one in front adjacent to the console.

Viking 64C – Interior

The layout of the interiors follows a proven pattern with the deck dominated by the large open space on which the living area on the starboard side with an L-shaped sofa has been carved out, preceding the open galley consisting of the traditional American-style counter with two stools, cooking area, extra-large size refrigerator, and everything needed to make the most of the living experience on board also from the gastronomic point of view. On the left, however, a dinette complete with sofa and coffee table is highlighted.

Ownership of the Viking 64C
Master cabin of the Viking 64C

A detail of no small importance all edge furniture in polished or satin walnut is custom made by the shipyard’s joinery. Finally, the sleeping area: it provides four cabins with the master one midship.

Matthew Zaccagnino


  • LOA length f.t. 19.46 m
  • Beam width 5.77 m
  • Draught Draught 1.70 m
  • Displacement. Displacement 45,240 kg


  • Serb. water Water tank 1,143 l
  • Serb. fuel Fuel tank 8,332 l


  • Engine Engine: MTU Series 12V 2000 M96X (MAN V12 1550CRM-standard)
  • Power Power 2x 2002 MHP (2×1,550 MHP standard)


  • Vel. max (knots) Max speed (kt) 42 kt
  • Vel. croc. (nodes) Cruis. speed (kt) 32 kt


  • Cabins Cabins 4
  • Berths 8 + 1
  • Bathroom WC 3


  • Project Projects Viking Yachts
  • Naval architecture Naval architecture Viking Yachts
  • Shipyard Viking Yachts



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