Italian water platforms you find all over the world turn 45 years old


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Pontoons with concrete floats - Manoel Island - Malta - IngeMar
Pontoons with concrete floats – Manoel Island – Malta – IngeMar

It was 1979 when Lorenzo Isalberti, a sea enthusiast, decided to invent an activity that had a lot to do with the sea: building floating docks on the water. Thus was born IngeMar, a crasi of Maritime Engineering-the founder’s two passions-a company that from the first floating dock laid 45 years ago has continued to build structures for ports and marinas. From its headquarters in Casale sul Sile, Treviso, Italy, to being a world leader in this field.

Indeed, IngeMar’s logo-born from the pencil of Bob Noorda, one of Italy’s greatest graphic designers of the 20th century-can be found just about everywhere today. In fact, over the years the company has developed complex projects and installations in the international arena, defining exclusive licenses to make artifacts in countries outside Europe, collaborating with scientific and academic institutions such as theUniversity of Padua.

Over the years, boats have changed, evolving also and especially in terms of size, and as a result, docks have also evolved. In fact, at one time a 17-18 meter boat was considered large, while today it could almost be counted among the “small” ones. So pontoons that are increasingly larger but maintain the same solid and practical characteristics that have been the hallmark of IngeMar products since the beginning.

IngeMar’s most recent installations include several types of interventions. For example, for the expansion of the Albarella and Piombino marinas we find pontoonswith concrete floats and steel or aluminum structures, which have also been used in the marinas of Tivat in Montenegro and Manoel Island in Malta. Instead, in the Mediterranean, along the coasts of Croatia and Slovenia we find floating concrete breakwaters, one of Ingemar’s trademarks; floating pontoons with lightweight floats have been installed in Corfu, Greece, while a fixed but removable prefabricated pontoon has been laid in Portovecchio, Corsica.

Pontoons with concrete floats - Tivat - Montenegro - IngeMar
Pontoons with concrete floats – Tivat – Montenegro – IngeMar

However, IngeMar also works extensively outside the Mediterranean, particularly through collaboration with licensees in the Gulf countries. This has enabled the construction of, for example, a new military landing in Abu Dhabi, a floating complex in Dubai, a fishing flotilla in Oman, and a residential houseboat project in Kuwait.

IngeMar’s commitment today is to build facilities that are not only solid and durable, but also as accessible as possible for operators and users. This idea led to a collaboration with Madeit4All and T1 Solutions to find ways to design and produce accessible structures for all under the Marina for All brand.

Lorenzo Isalberti - Founder of IngeMar
Lorenzo Isalberti – Founder of IngeMar

Lorenzo Isalberti, founder of IngeMar commented on the company’s important 45-year milestone in this way.

Our entrepreneurial bet aimed at expanding and renewing nautical recreational accommodation resources that are daughters of a bygone era, gradually replacing them with modern floating structures that are less invasive and easier to install and manage over time. The snapshot of contemporary ports tells us that our efforts have been largely rewarded. Today, new techniques and new materials allow for a further leap in quality, and the new challenge is to make boating facilities even more accessible and comfortable for all. We are grateful to those inside and outside the company who have spurred and helped us to improve, grow and differentiate our offerings over time, and to them, too, we renew our commitment to make the landings of the near future even more welcoming.

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