Itama, the true story of the timeless Italian speedboat


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Itama 45S
Itama 45S (in production)

In the car world, the youngtimer phenomenon is experiencing a golden age. It is those models that literally marked an era, a way of being, and are now sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. What about among the boats?

Itama, the timeless Italian open

Wandering around the 1979 Genoa Boat Show you might have heard Giampiero Baglietto say that the Itama 38 was “the most centered and interesting boat in its size.” The 38 at that show was making its debut, but within two years there would already be 26 motorboats sailing around the Mediterranean.

All about the ITAMA 38, the legendary Italian-style sports speedboat

This open was the all-Italian response of Mario Amati, founder of the Cantieri Navali di Roma that built the Itama, to the overwhelming power of the U.S.-made fast-commuters that dominated the scene. To compete with the various Magnums and Donzi, just to name two brands born from the genius of Don Aronow, it was not enough simply to be fast: the boats also had to be agile, but above all unmistakable in line.

Itama Forty
Itama Forty (in production from 2005 to 2011)

Itama is the ultimate open boat, and the formula originally identified by Mario Amati still works today. There are shipyards that every year introduce something new, even completely different from previous models, to explore new market segments or relaunch after unsuccessful attempts. “But my boats have to be beautiful, Amati told Uomo Mare magazine in 1983. – It is a question of level. I do not believe that you can build sailboats and motoryachts ‘well’ in the same yard. In the same way, I believe that within a genre, motorcruisers for example, it is inevitable to specialize as much as possible in order to give the best.”

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Itama, the Italian sports instant classic

Besides, an Itama, even at that time, was synonymous with freedom. Two hours from Fiumicino to Cala Galera, no traffic, still tying a tie. And it is immediately life read Uomo Mare magazine speaking specifically about the Itama 38. Today this is, among all Itama boats, the absolute bestseller with its 164 hulls sold between 1979 and 2003. His natural habitat? The area of central and southern Italy, with a range from Punta Ala to Capri. This is where Itama have their greatest spread, in those locations where nautical trends are nurtured.

Amati remained at the helm of Itama until 2001. In March of that year it sold its shares to Opera Fund. From 2004 Itama entered the Ferretti Group, acquired by Pershing Spa, at that time under the leadership of Tilli Antonelli, founder of Pershing itself. Instant classic, timeless design. It is difficult to find a more apt example in the boating world to express this concept than Itama. The clean, almost rigorous design of these boats cannot be mistaken for any American fast-commuter.

Why the Itama are so successful.

But what is the secret of these speedboats? The balance, the harmony between power and elegance. This formula, simple only to say, has distinguished Itama from every other boat for more than 50 years. Balance alone is not enough; one must also evolve. So did the shipyard, and in recent years new models have been introduced in the Ferretti group from the 45 to the Itama 75 current flagship of the brand. Have you noticed how on the used market Itama are very rare? And usually when one is found (in good condition), it has a high value, no matter what era we take as a reference.

Itama 75

This is because an owner remains very loyal to his boat and, therefore, to the brand, for a long time. Basically, those who have one, hold on to it tightly. The reason is that from inception to the present, these motorboats have held true not only to a design idea, but also to build quality. In fact, this boat is designed to give the best boating experience, at any speed: the deep V-shaped hull allows the full and safe enjoyment of the power of the often very powerful onboard engines.

The great livability of all the boat’s rooms, their functionality and aesthetic impact, as well as their comfort, of course, make them suitable for enjoying days at sea as well as longer periods, thanks to the interiors designed down to the smallest detail. Thus, an Itama of today shares the same DNA and essence as a model of the past, allowing the used model to maintain a consistently high value and the new one to be a safe investment, but above all, a sure source of unique emotions.

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