All you need to know about Itama, the timeless Italian open

Euphoria 68
The dream boat. It’s called Euphoria 68, Frers designed it.
2 May 2021
Itama 45S
Itama 45S

Itama 45S (in produzione)

IN THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD, the youngtimer phenomenon is experiencing a golden age. Youngtimers are all the models that have literally marked an era, which is now increasingly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts. In this section of Barche a Motore we will discover which models and boat manufacturers have made history, the origins of their success, and the reasons why they can be an investment from both a financial and emotional point of view. This is even more true when, from origins to today, there is a very strong bond with the shipyard. With these premises, which brand is more suitable to inaugurate this section of our magazine if not Itama? Wandering in the 1979 Genoa Boat Show, you might have heard Giampiero Baglietto say that the Itama 38 was “the most successful and interesting boat in its size”.

Itama, the timeless Italian open

Two years later, 26 units were already sailing around the Mediterranean. This open yacht was the all-Italian response of Mario Amati, founder of Cantieri Navali di Roma that built the Itama yachts, to the overwhelming power of US fast-commuters that dominated the scene. To compete with the various Magnum and Donzi yachts, born from the genius of Don Aronow, speed was not enough: yachts also had to be agile and unique in design. Itama was the open boat par excellence and the formula originally identified by Mario Amati still works today. There are shipyards that launch new models in order to explore new market segments.

Itama Forty

Itama Forty (in produzione dal 2005 al 2011)

“But my boats must be beautiful – Amati told the magazine, Uomo Mare, in 1983 – It’s a matter of level. I don’t think that sailboats and motor yachts can be built ‘well’ by the same shipyard. Similarly, I believe that it is inevitable to specialize as much as possible to give the best“. Already at that time, Itama was synonymous with freedom. “Two hours from Fiumicino to Cala Galera, without traffic, still with the knot in my tie. And it is immediately life” wrote Uomo Mare speaking of the Itama 38. Today this is, among all the Itama boats, the absolute bestseller with 164 units sold between 1979 and 2003. Its natural habitat? The area between central and southern Italy, from Punta Ala to Capri. It is there, where nautical trends are nurtured, that Itama yachts have their greatest diffusion. Mr. Amati remained at the helm of Itama until 2001. In March 2001, he sold his shares to the Opera Fund. In 2004, Itama joined the Ferretti Group, acquired by Pershing Spa, under the guidance of Tilli Antonelli.

Itama 75

Itama 75

An instant classic, timeless design. It is difficult to find a better example from Itama in the nautical world to express this concept. The clean and almost rigorous design of these boats cannot be confused with any American fast-commuter. But what is the secret of these motorboats? The balance, the harmony between power and elegance. However, balance alone is not enough. Evolution is essential. This is what the shipyard did and, in recent years, new models have been introduced in the Ferretti group from the 45 to the 75, the brand’s current flagship. Have you ever noticed how these yachts are very rare on the second-hand market?

When one is found (in good condition), it has a high value regardless of the era we use as a reference. This is because Itama owners remain very faithful to their boats. Basically, those who have one, don’t give it up. The reason for this lies in the fact that, from inception to today, these motorboats have kept faith not only in a design idea but also in construction quality. These boats, in fact, are designed to give the best nautical experience, at any speed. A contemporary Itama yacht, therefore, shares the same essence as a model of the past, allowing the used ones to always maintain a high value and the new ones to be a safe investment and, above all, a certain source of unique emotions.

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