Joker Clubman 24: small and super comfortable – Our test


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The Joker Clubman 24 is a 7.46-meter dinghy in the Joker Boat family. Small, easily manageable, but comfortable on board with very interesting accouterments. Cult model of the shipyard is ideal for daily outings with friends and family. We climbed aboard to see how it sails.

The layout of Joker’s Clubman 24

Being a “small” inflatable boat, it was born exclusively as a pure day boat, without cabins. The aft sundeck can be modulated by also turning into a C-shaped settee with a center table (which stows in the bow). Then in the bow is a sundeck with storage space underneath, as well as in the stern.

One very interesting expedient involves seats with cushions attached to the “panel” that lifts up to simplify access without having to stand around detaching and attaching cushions each time. In the middle of the boat the seat (with space behind it for a cutting board and underneath another locker) in front of the steering console, clean and essential. Forward of the console an additional storage space for the aft table mentioned earlier.

Up to 16 approval guests can be on board. Then to enjoy it to the fullest, however, it is definitely better to be less.

Impressions aboard the Joker Clubman 24

Tested with a 300-horsepower (the maximum motor you can have on board) Yamaha engine, an F300, it proved to be very maneuverable in turns, smooth on the rudder, and at the same time dry, despite the fact that during the test the tense north wind raised some treacherous waves. Good acceleration even from stationary boat. At top speed it stays on course and in control. It is therefore suitable even for less experienced drivers, not forgetting that at sea, safety comes first.

Navigation data Joker Clubman 24

The boat was tested on a day with a short wave and wind around 18-20 knots, from shore, with a 300-horsepower Yamaha F300 outboard, three people and half a tank (300 liters total, about 150 l) in the stern. The data are all reported with the engine with trim down.

Performance in navigation

600 rpm – 3.5 knts – 2.5 l/h

1000 rpm – 5 to 6 knts – 2.5 l/h

1500 rpm – 7 knts – 8.5 l/h

2000 rpm – 11 knts – 14.6 l/h (glide in)

2500 rpm – 15 knts – 18.7 l/h

3000 rpm – 22 knts – 28.1 l/h

3500 rpm – 26 knts – 39.8 l/h

4000 rpm – 30 knts – 54 l/h

4500 rpm – 33 knts – 78 l/h

4800 rpm – 40 knts – 90 l/h

5000 rpm – 42 knts – 91 l/h

Data sheet

  • Loa: 7 .46 m
  • B.max: 2 .99 m
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Fuel: 300 l
  • Engine: outboard up to 300 hp
  • Max speed: 42> knots

Gregorio Ferrari


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