Joker unveils the new Coaster 580 Barracuda

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Coaster 580 Barracuda

Joker Coaster 580

Joker Coaster 580

Joker ribs are among the best in Italy, the “first” country in the world to export inflatable boats after China. The shipyard is working very well and this is demonstrated by the constant growth of the range. At the last boat show in Genoa, we’ve seen the new Joker Coaster 650. Now it is time for the new Joker Coaster 580.

Joker Coaster 580 Barracuda

In spite of the difficult period, the Joker continues its program of launching new products. The next rib, coming to the winter saloons, is the Joker Coaster 580 Barracuda, the Joker’s small fishing boat. A model that was born from the request of shipowners. After the success of the Coaster 650 Barracuda, now it’s time for an even smaller and more versatile model, which, however, meets very specific needs. And it will not only be in a fishing version but also a rib boat in a recreational version.

Not much is yet known about this rib, from the point of view of motorization and what the technical specifications will be. On his side, Joker already has the experience with his older brother, the Joker Coaster 650 Barracuda, which has been very successful and has convinced many fishermen to choose it as their boat.

After the “fishing-centric” version, there will also be one for real pleasure boating. It will therefore have a deck plan more designed for comfort, both when sailing and when the boat is stationary. Even on this model, however, the details have yet to be revealed.

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