Keep an eye on your boat!

Axopar-Brabus barche a motore
Extreme boat: design and power under Brabus style, but is not for car!
30 November 2018
Luxury powerboats ready to fly | Superfoils 15 is under construction
3 December 2018

While mooring, in navigation and, why not, even when you are at home. Keeping your boat under control is very useful at all times of life on board and even when you are away. Being able to throw an eye on the boat that is maybe 200 km far away, after a month that you can not see it can be convenient for anyone.

Technology at the service of comfort

The new Garmin GC 100 camera features wireless connectivity and 720p HD high-quality resolution. Durable, compact and versatile, the camera makes mooring manoeuvres safer and allows to monitor different areas of your boat, including engine room and outdoor areas. The pictures of the GC 100 can be displayed real-time on your Garmin Marine compatible chartplotter in any lightness conditions thanks to the built-in sensor. You can pair up to 7 cameras with your chartplotter, and view content from up to 4 cameras simultaneously.  User-friendly, the camera is ready to use with one-button setup . The durable, compact design of the camera, weatherproof housing and its secure mounting bracket provide flexible options for placement nearly anywhere on your boat.garmin barca

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