Limo-Tender: here are 8 limousines for superyachts

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All the biggest superyachts (THERE The 10 largest in the world) have a tender proportioned to their size. In some cases, you can get to have support boats up to 14/15 meters, the large “mega-tender”. Among these there is a very particular and luxurious category, the limousines of the sea.

The shape is that of an elongated open with a “blanket” above the central part, where the owner usually travels comfortably seated with his guests, in an area isolated from the rest of the boat, where it is guaranteed all the privacy that the owner wants. These boats are used for short trips between larger boats and marinas

Extract 8 models of sea limousine

Limousine Tender | Cockwells | 9.5 m

Winner in 2017 of the Award for best design between support boats and tenders, this 9.5-metre limo boat was designed by the hand of Cockwells and Andrew Wolstenholme. Born as a support boat for a yacht of 88 meters is a completely custom project of the owners. The Cockwells limo-tender can accommodate up to 12 guests, with great care given to detail and quality finishes. Powered by a single engine Yanmar is able to develop up to 30 knots of speed.

Nauta Tender | Maxi Dolphin | 14 m

This yacht is a versatile motorboat par excellence: from the small cruise to the transport of guests and supplies to the “limousine” to arrive in style in port when there is no room for the mother boat. Last but not least, also as a day cruiser. Here are all the uses in the water of the Nauta Tender, 14 meters long (12.64 at the waterline), by Nauta Design built in Italy by the shipyard Maxi Dolphin. This yacht was developed with the collaboration of Francesco Rogantin, in naval architecture, and Gurit as a structural engineer.

powerboats maxi dolphin

Mini Venetian Limo Tender | Hodgdon | 6.5 m

The second smallest sea limousine of this review is a tender of just 6.5 meters that recalls the lines and details of the limousine taxis of Venice. Not by chance, in fact, it takes the name of Mini Venetian Limo Tender. Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, it is a luxury tender powered by a Volvo D3-220 engine that can reach over 35 knots, while maintaining stability and comfort on board.

DARIELimo 9.5 | Dariel | 9.5 m

The limo tender 9.5, the middle model in Dariel’s sea limousine range, does not go unnoticed. A yacht with a modern and elegant design, with large spaces available on deck, thanks to the almost three meters wide boat. With this configuration, the boat can carry up to 15 people. Not only aesthetic but also remarkable performance. The maximum motorization is a double 370 horsepower each that allows you to get to the maximum speed of about 48 knots.

LMC 650 Limo Tender | Idesco | 6,50 – 4,30 m

If the overall length is 6.50 wait 90 seconds. It is the time it takes for this tender silt to “eat” more than two meters with a system that reduces the size to better meet the needs. The interior and equipment are elegant and luxurious. If you want to learn more about how to “transform” and navigate this yacht, here’s the video!

Top Wooden Limousine | Serenella Powerboat Shipyard

In 1975 Elio Salvagno, together with two other partners, founded the Cantiere Motonautico Serenella and began to build unmistakable mahogany motorboats that are one of the symbols of Venice. One of the most emblematic models is the wooden Top Limousine, a boat with sober, simple and refined lines for a motorboat that can be defined as a jewel of the sea.

Imago Tender | Imago 9.60 m

Yacht luxury for an open race. A yacht that combines know-how and techniques of the best traditional Italian yachting with very modern materials and engineering solutions. The streamlined lines are not lost even when it is pulled up the soft top that covers the dinette, transforming this open into a silt tender. Cruising speed at 32 knots and maximum at 38 knots.

Convertible limousine | XTender | 9.3 m

This limo-yacht fully reflects the world of superyachts. This nine metre yacht, built for a superyacht Feadship of almost 83.5 metres. The charm of an open yacht with the appearance of a luxury limousine for the sea. Xtenders has worked with Vripack and Structeam to build this yacht exclusively from pre-preg carbon fibre with a weight of only 3.2 tonnes. The lightweight design allows for a single engine with bow thruster and a top speed of 39 knots.

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