Looking for an inflatable boat for the summer? 4 models (5 to 13) not to be missed in Verbella


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The 4 Zar Formenti models preset at the 5th Lake Maggiore Boat Show, May 17-19

With summer, the desire for the sea is more than ever, accomplices being the sun, the heat and the desire to disconnect. Making the difference, between a day at the beach and a shopping spree in the wild, inflatables often sneak into our thoughts. But, which one to choose? How to be sure? For lovers of dinghies, agile, simple and versatile hulls, a great help can be found at the 5th Lake Maggiore Boat Show, May 17,18 and 19 at Marina di Verbella, Sesto Calende (VA). Here, between the hulls on land and those in the water, it will be possible to try out and touch your fantasies, a not inconsiderable help when you are intent on making them a reality. Among the models on display was a good line-up of the Zar Formenti range, here present with 4 reb from 5.3 to 13 meters: the Zar 53; Zar 79 SL; Zar 85 SL; and Zar Imagine 130.

4 inflatables to see and try on Lake Maggiore (May 17-19)

Dedicated to all the curious and enthusiasts, the event will be a rare opportunity, not only to see the hulls on display on land and in the water, but also to try them out. As often in such cases, you will need to make reservations (find contact information at the end of the article) so that you can secure a spot and not run into any surprises.

The inflatables on display

Among the hulls on display, between the spaces on land and moorings in the water, will be four models signed Zar Formenti. On land, first of all, all 4 models will be placed, with an additional two also available for water trials. Starting with the two models in the water, first of all you will find the Zar 79 SL (we told you about it HERE), a 7.9-meter where SL stands for Sport Luxury… on board it offers room for 14 people and can install outboards of between 130 and 300 horsepower…

Inflatables  - Zar 79 Sport Luxury
Zar 79 Sport Luxury

Also on the water we find the Zar 85 SL, again a Sport Luzury, in this case 8.5 meters long and strong with powerful engines up to 500 horsepower.
You can find out more about it HERE.

Zar Formenti - Zar 85 SL
Zar 85 SL

Rounding out Zar Formenti’s lineup, the two inflatables featured on the water will also be displayed ashore in the company of two other ribs. On the one hand, the “little one” of the group, the Zar 53(5.3 m), ideal for family outings or with friends thanks to its 8 seats on board and versatile sofa/sundeck combinations. On the other side is Zar’s signature good giant, a muscular 13-meter: the Zar Imagine 130, a 50-knot fireball capable of up to 1,300 horsepower.
For the ZAR 130, however, we direct you to our in-water test, which you can find HERE

Zar Imagine 130

Where to see them and how to make reservations

The appointment is for May 17,18 and 19 on Lake Maggiore, at Marina di Verbella in Sesto Calendale. To go out on trial, you must go to Zar Formenti’s booth during the fair and reserve a slot.

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