Magnum 63 (19.2m), the speedboat like no other before – Classic Boat


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Magnum 63

In boating as in so many other industries, the 1980s remains as evocative a period as few others have been, an era of spectacular designs and iconic boats to this day. And, among the big ones, undoubtedly him, the fastest ever (at the time) Magnum 63′.

Magnum 63, fast like no other before – Classic Boat

In 1976 Magnum Marine became the property of Marquis Filippo Theodoli and his wife Katrin, who had been convinced for years of the possibilities extractable from the yard’s racers. Within just one year their foresight is rewarded: the first true power yacht is born, the
Magnum 53′
, a resounding success, the new icon of the Mediterranean. Not even 7 years later, on the strength of a now important experience, success is replicated, going to unexplored heights. The Magnum 63 signed
, the fastest and most marine boat in the world at 64 knots. An absolute icon in the powerboat world.

Magnum 63 – Winner of the 1986 Miami-Nassau.


After the first great successes, Theodoli decided to go further, that he could not be satisfied. By the late 1970s he thus came into contact with Howard Arneson, inventor of the eponymous surface transmissions, and, understanding the potential of the system, decided that every Magnum would henceforth see the system installed. But that is not enough; optimization can be taken further. With 1980 begins the collaboration between Theodoli, Arneson and Rolla, with the latter designing and producing surface propellers specifically for Magnum hulls.

Finally, the finishing touch comes from the world-famous Pininfarina design studio, which is commissioned to design the project. An overall brilliant operation, which will give birth to Magnum 63′. It is 1983, and the world has never seen anything like this before.

Magnum 63
Magnum 63

Magnum 63 – Exterior

At 19.20 meters long and a full 5.20 wide at maximum beam, the 63′ is undoubtedly a child of its era and offshore origins (which, by the way, it retains, as its victory at the Miami-Nassau in ’76 underscores): deep-V hull, Arneson-drive, flush deck and set-back cockpit.

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The deck is all a single plane, over half a boat long, while the cockpit is instead protected, wide and comfortable. They find space here for a large sofa with sundeck at the far aft end, followed then by two additional wall sofas, one served by the bar top, the other by a table. Under the windshield finally finds space for the wheelhouse overlooked by ergonomic seats.

Magnum 63 – Pianetti


Below deck, first of all, the height of the canopies, exceeding 2 meters from the dunnage, is astonishing. A considerable elevation that allows airiness to the spaces, where the different layouts available can obtain from 3 to 4 cabins, thus guaranteeing a minimum of 6 beds and a maximum of 8, plus the ever-present crew cabin. The interior layout is custom, although the standard sees double double cabins and ample living space, expandable to as many as 3 or 4 cabins total.

Magnum 63

Magnum 63 – Performance and Motorization

True highlight, performance: 64 knots of top speed, thanks to an exceptional hull made of composite, Kevlar and carbon combined with 18-cylinder engines of 1650 or 1815 horsepower and Arneson. But shaftline propulsions were also available, with lower velocity peaks, however.

Technical Specs

Length Over All (LOA) 19.2 m
Baglio Massimo 5.18 m
Diving with standard propellers 1.80 m
Dive with arneson 0.90 m
Displacement 30 t
Motorization 2x 1650/1815 hp
Maximum Speed 64 kn
Fuel tank capacity 4,500 lt.
Fresh water tank capacity 1,000 lt.
Cabins 3/4 +1
Sleeping places 6/8 + 1
Bathrooms 2 + 1
Construction site

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