Maintenance, here’s the checklist to be ready when you return to the sea


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After telling you about the problems that might be on board after a long period of inactivity of the boat, let’s look at what are the routine maintenance tasks instead to prepare us for the return to the sea, hopefully as soon as possible. Scroll down the list and see if you have already done this work. Before returning to the water for the warm weather, it is important to spend some time on the boat for routine maintenance, which extends the life of the equipment, interior, and all the gear.

For the interior.

untitled-2Eliminates moisture – Simple and effective operation with the Sanidry dehumidifier. It uses no electricity, a breathable membrane captures moisture in the air by absorbing water vapor. Replace the membrane every 6 weeks.



fat-2Lubricates mechanical parts-especially in the marine environment, mechanical parts are exposed to rust and corrosion; identifying and caring for them is essential.





detergent-bilge-sentidekEasily clean the bilge – Durable removal of sludge and oil-contaminated water. Many detergents with very high emulsifying power can be found on the market that clean the bilge in a short time and eliminate odors



…and on the deck:


Polishes metal parts-a good Teflon spray is perfect for keeping metal deck equipment such as stanchions, pulpits and ladders shiny




coverwinchCover your winches- Winches are subjected to considerable mechanical strain and need to be overhauled periodically, but simple winch covers will reduce routine maintenance and avoid the need to polish them as the warm weather arrives.



cover-engine-outboard-oceansouth-2-4-stroke-top-quality-head-engineCovering the engine-it will be fun to make it yourself or commission it from an upholsterer. It is applied to the canopy of the outboard to protect it from sun and rain and any debris that could penetrate and damage the internal parts. The interior is recommended to be plush so as not to mark the paint in case of impact.


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