The magic of Marine Lighting by Quick Spa

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12 June 2020
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16 June 2020


If you are looking for an electronic accessory for your boat from stabilizers to lights, the Italian company Quick Spa has the right solution. Electric winches and maneuvering propellers: there’s something for every need. After seeing the Quick stabilizer for small boats, today we take a look to the lighting line for boats well known all over the world!

The boat lights according to Quick – VIDEO

Starting from the production in the company up to the installation on prestigious boats, the video retraces the Quick Marine Lighting portfolio together with its many indoor and outdoor products, ranging from technical lighting such as spotlights, step markers, and led bars, to sophisticated design lights and underwater lights.

Every single component in the Quick Marine Lighting range is produced in the in-house mechanical workshop and then carefully hand-assembled and tested in the laboratory to check the light quality, durability and power.

Watch the video here:

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