Marinedi, the network of ports seducing shipowners


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Marinedi – Renato Marconi

Where to moor the boat this summer? We help you. We have selected for you 15 of the best marinas in the Mediterranean in 2022 that are perfect as a home base for your vacation or cruise stop. They are state-of-the-art ports in terms of the services they offer. Here is where to moor between Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, Corsica, Puglia, Veneto, and Friuli. We present them to you one by one.


The Marinedi Group, established in late 2012, is the first network of marinas in the Mediterranean today, with 6,000 berths in 14 operating ports: Marina di Procida, Marina di Cagliari, Marina di Capo d’Anzio, Marina di Forio d’Ischia, Marina di Teulada, Marina di Villasimius, Marina di Balestrate, Marina dei Presidi Porto Ercole, Marina di Brindisi, Marina di Vieste, Marina di Chiavari Calata Ovest, Marina di Porto San Giorgio, Marina di Policoro, and Base Nautica Trapani.

And it aims, in addition to the management of marinas already in operation or under construction, to identify new sites for continued expansion, expansion and improvement operations. Managing ports for nautical tourism directly, or in participation with local and private entities, Marinedi expands services and potential of already active port facilities and develops projects for the creation of new ones.

In each of the Group’s marinas, every need of the yachtsman is met in order to ensure a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience. All of the Group’s marinas are guaranteed by the excellence of the Marinedi brand, according to the “one brand, one standard” philosophy: with dedicated services, firm mooring fees, and highly qualified management and staff.

The Marinedi group is involved in several initiatives in the Mediterranean region, and the various projects being implemented by the network are at different stages of progress. In addition to the management of marinas already in operation or under construction, the Group pursues the goal of identifying new maritime sites for continued expansion, expansion, and improvement operations.

Today, the yachtsman in addition to knowing the quality of dock services offered why should he choose Marinedi Network marinas? “Customers,” says engineer Renato Marconi, founder of the Group, “are also incentivized to transit and winter in our marinas because of the promotions we offer. With a one-year contract in one of our marinas, you can stay for up to four months in one or more of the 13 other marinas at no additional cost with the only limitation being the availability of berths. It is an offer that only we in the Mediterranean can make. In addition, when it comes to environmental sustainability, our marinas are true incubators, where we are constantly experimenting with new tricks and cutting-edge devices that, by adapting to the characteristics of each port, can be an aid in the fight against pollution of the sea and the environment. In many marinas, we have long since placed seabins, the floating waste-eating bins, to catch microplastics and other debris.”

Marinedi – Contacts

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