Marlin 40′ (12 m): total comfort at 55 knots


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Marlin 40'
Marlin 40′

Size grows but DNA is the same. The new Marlin 40′ combines top performance with a walkaround deck perfect for summer cruising.

Marlin 40′

Looking at an inflatable boat from the outside can give us a lot of information on its nature, characteristics and, obviously, its designer and builder. Looking at the new Marlin 40′ from the outside, you have no doubts about the boatyard behind her. The profile of the tubulars, closer to the water at the stern and higher towards the bow, is a typical trademark of the Como-based shipyard. This shrewdness has two functions: it gives stability at all speeds and when the boat is stationary and at the same time allows the bow to better cut through the water while the deck remains protected and dry.

Marlin 40'
Marlin 40′

With this model Marlin has confirmed the direction already taken with the models 24 SR and X, that is a more careful focus on design solutions. The standard equipment is remarkable, including the total covering in 8 mm solid teak and the cushions in closed cell and Silvertex covering. Given the elements that distinguish, as we will see, this boat, it is easy to imagine it as suitable for the weekend. A unit in which the livability of the deck is matched by a hull able to cope with challenging conditions and comfortable spaces below deck. Let’s climb aboard to see what it’s like on deck and below deck before seeing how it performs at sea.

Marlin 40′ – Deck

The Marlin 40 has a pure walkaround deck layout with wide walkways from the bow to the stern where, despite the fact that this boat has three 300HP outboards, there is still plenty of space. The three engines are positioned at the extreme stern and are “embraced” on both sides by swim platforms that join the cockpit, equipped with a telescopic steel ladder with retractable handles and perimeter handle flush with the water.

Marlin 40'
Marlin 40′

This makes getting in and out of the water very easy, but also makes it easy to get on board when the RIB is moored aft at the dock. Five square meters are available for direct access to the sea and the entire rear area of the boat is designed on a single level with advantages in terms of freedom of movement and safety. At the same time, the tubular, 1600 dtex fabric creates wraparound walls that are also suitable when there are children on board.

Generally speaking, among the 12-metre boats on the market, the Marlin 40 has one of the most versatile and livable stern areas. Thanks to a particular easy-to-use system, the backrests can be adapted to many solutions: for example, two opposite benches with a central table to accommodate up to six people, two benches in front of the gear or a single extra-large sundeck. To serve this area there is a wet-bar with cutting board, 90 liter refrigerator, sink and a cabinet, all protected by a roof, supported by a stainless steel superstructure.

Marlin 40'
Marlin 40′

Forward of the galley is the helm station. In this case, the shipyard goes a bit against the current by dedicating two single seats to this section of the boat. The reason for this is to ensure maximum comfort for those at the helm and those sitting nearby. Both seats, in fact, enjoy an external support and an armrest for internal objects. The wheelhouse at the bow is protected by a windscreen.

In addition to the large area forconvivial moments at the stern, there is just as much space towards the bow. From under the windshield starts a sundeck that in the final part can become a seat so as to have a second dinette with opposing sofas.

Marlin 40′ – Sleeping quarters

Below deck the interiors are essential, but accurate in detail. The central cabin is equipped with a king size double bed, two seats with backrest, a closet unit. Among the standard equipment there is a very spacious separate head with shower and cabinet with sink and Corian top.

Marlin 40′ – Boat Test

I arrive at the dock where Stefano Selva, the owner of the company, welcomes me. In the meantime, outside, the sirocco is blowing strongly and raises a wave of about one and a half meters. We start to prepare the boat as if nothing had happened, the last checks that everything is in order, then we leave the moorings and go out. As soon as the double-stepped hull cuts the first waves, I understand that this sea is the daily bread of this hull.

boat test
Marlin 40′

At the stern, power comes from three Mercury Verado 300s, 900HP each, with which we can easily reach 40 knots of speed. The choppy sea enhances the good design of this hull, designed with a very deep V to better overcome the waves and with an important beam (in addition to the tubulars) for better stability. The Marlin 40 is a sturdy and strong boat, but with good fuel consumption: at about 35 knots, with the three engines between 4000 and 4500 rpm we have a consumption of less than 120 liters per hour with four people on board and about half a tank, whose maximum capacity is about 820 liters.

Gregorio Ferrari

Marlin 40′ – Technical Specs

Max Beam 3.88 m
 Tubes 70 cm
Compartments 7
Passengers 16
Water tank 160 l
Fuel tank  820 l
Engine Outboard / Fuoribordo
Max Power 1200 HP
 Trial 3 x Mercury Verado 300 HP
Max speed (kt) 54
 Cruis. speed (kt) 35
Shipyard Marlin Boat S.r.l., Luisago (CO), Italy

Data collected- Marlin 40′

RPM Knots Lt/h
600 3.5 8.6
1000 5.5 15.7
1500 8.5 27.2
2000 11 45.4
2500 16 54.2
3000 20.5 73
3500 27 89.6
4000 33.5 106.9
4500 37 135
5000 41.5 159.4
5500 46 211.8
6000 53 256.3
6100 54 262



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