Mediterranean? You are saving him like this! Well done Medplastic ambassadors!


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In a short time more than a thousand members of the
Medplastic Team Facebookgroup, so many photos that have come in of you collecting plastic in every nook and cranny on Italy’s coasts (with many children on the front lines, as the photo above shows), a flood of emails proposing projects and partnerships. Really, such a great success of the Medplastic project, the initiative of the Journal of Sailing and Powerboats to protect our sea, we never expected. We looked at each other in disbelief and satisfaction, me and Tommaso Oriani (the “mastermind” of the project), as we bagged the many Medplastic stickers you asked us to put on your boat to become “ambassadors.”

The problem of plastics and microplastics that are “killing” the oceans and, specifically, also the Mare Nostrum, is hot on our minds, and we could not shy away from a cause that touches us very closely, we who love to sail. Under the “guise” of an Instagram contest (named No Plastic, you can find all the information on how to participate and the prizes at, specifically HERE), we asked you to send us the waste you collected in your browsing and your photodenunciations. We already confess to you that choosing the winners will be extremely difficult, given the amount of participants. better that way, thanks to you the Mediterranean is cleaner!

In the meantime, we have begun to sign the first collaborations and partnerships so that Medplastic does not remain a mere “initiative” (what an ugly definition!). Simone Pierotti, an “ecovelist” profession, has embraced the cause and is at the forefront when it comes to zero impact. His will be the feature in the paper in the next issue of the Sailing Newspaper on the waste-free galley, as was his article on boat eco-cleaning in the last issue. We have more ideas planned with Simone, which we will reveal shortly.

Then, we met and signed a collaboration with the Ecotoxicology research team of the Department of Biosciences at the University of Milan: they are studying the concentrations of microplastics in Italian lakes and rivers, and the effects of these on fish and shellfish, with the help of a supermicroscope. We will keep you updated on what they find out! In the meantime, continue your plastic “hunt” and if you have any suggestions, please email them to us( or on the Medplastic Team Facebook group! Eugenio Ruocco

But now, space for the Medplastic “ambassadors,” who got their hands dirty and made the sea cleaner for us.

Beppe Mazzei writes us, “Procchio sailing school also gives its contribution during #ecovelist lessons.” What a joy to see these photos Beppe! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! The sea is mostly yours, don’t make the mistake of previous generations, bravo!

“We thank the means of Veneta Pesca….. 4:30 pm July 19, in front of Diano Marina, #medplastic,” denounces GGB! Thanks to Gian, now a Medplastic ambassador, for making our sea cleaner!

Stephen Antonini And his “good news” : ” A news that has incredible ! Yesterday morning on this beautiful beach free to the public ( between Castiglione della pescaia and Grosseto ) , despite being equipped with a bag for collecting plastics and various waste , within a radius of 500mt , I found only 2 coffee cup sticks and 1 straw . And even the pine forest behind ( which is immense and spectacular ) was perfectly clean ! Wonder.”

Thus the very active Fanja Raffellini of Vela Tradizionale: “Plastic found in Elba as soon as we left…and delivered to La Spezia…when you say traveling comfortable….”

Still on the island of Elba, still in Procchio: Valeria Pastorino has been busy. Bravo!

From Sardinia, the indefatigable Alessandro Cabras: “Today we reclaimed a small cove between maladroxia and coqquaddus, island of Sant’Antioco.” Very good!!!

Eriona Skipperina: “A couple of months ago. Big haul in Puglia. Lots of plastic brought to this bay by storm surges. Next round soon.” Great!

Fabio Portesan, the globetrotting sailor who will host you on his boat if you win the Instagram contest, writes from Valanidórrachi, Kerenza Beach: “For those who don’t know yet: the @journalellavela has created #medplastic… a photo contest that wants to reward those who contribute to cleaning the monster sea! It’s really sad to be in places where nature has created the beautiful is to find this havoc in the sea… we the #valeila crew , when we find trash on the beach or in the water we always pick it up!”

Time to Take Action is the slogan of Medplastic, the project of GdV and Barche a Motore to safeguard the Mediterranean. Join the MedPlastic Team Facebook group, there you can post news, projects, photodenunciations, videos. Then participate in the NO Plastic Instagram contest (by sending a photo to our instagram inbox – @giornaledellavela – or on the Medplastic Team group, as all the authors of the photos we show you here did): we will award the best testimonials at the 2019 VELAFestival. In addition, if you have structured projects to propose that you think would be useful to the “cause,” please send an email to



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