Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin: the “cruising” 30-knot gozzo (with 3 cabins)

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What a beautiful boat, what is it? A Solaris Power!
19 February 2022
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25 February 2022

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin

When thinking of a gozzo, we don’t always think of a fast, comfortable boat with which (for example) we can spend a weekend away with family and friends. The new generation of Gozzi Mimì is bringing new elements to the classic boat par excellence (we told you about it here). The new Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin has all the credentials to be one of the most interesting innovations in the segment in 2022.

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin

Gozzi Mimì’s latest innovation is called Libeccio 13.5 Cabin and is the result of a collaboration between the booatyard and designer Valerio Rivellini. It’s not an entirely new model, but it does have its origins in the historic Libeccio 13.5. The differences, however, are many and important. There are several elements that make this gozzo, among the boats due to debut in 2022, particularly interesting. Certainly, the 30-knot speed provided by two 370 hp Yanmar engines should not be underestimated.

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin - Lines

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – Lines

The styling also certainly contributes to the model’s momentum and attractiveness, while leaving no doubt as to its background. But there’s more. The liveability of this model (below deck and on deck) aims to be at the top of the market. As on all the yard’s models, solid teak is used. The fibreglass hull is obtained using the infusion method. Let’s take a look at a preview of this model, whose debut is scheduled for the Genoa Boat Show 2022.

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – Deck

As mentioned above, the new version of the Neapolitan yard’s flagship focuses on exceptional liveability. We are talking about a boat that can also be chosen for cruising (even over several days) with friends or family, given the large spaces available on board. The classic lines of the gozzo meet a large platform from the stern, with a few steps leading down to the cockpit. This area, as well as providing easy access to the sea, is also ideal for enjoying the water up close.

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin - Stern

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – Stern

The first renderings show a sun deck, a sofa with a convertible table, a cocktail cabinet and, towards the bow, the helm station. All this is protected by a hard-top with large windows so as to combine the need for a sheltered space with the desire to always be in contact with the sea. Outside, in the bow, there is a second large sundeck with two seats in the forward area.


Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – Cockpit

Mimì Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – Lower Deck

The Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – as the boatyard explains – is aimed at more experienced yachtsmen. There are actually three separate cabins on board (one double and two with single beds). There are also two heads with double entrances.

 “The feedback we received from the longer models,” comments Domenico Senese, CEO of the Neapolitan boatyard, “both in Italy and abroad, confirmed our intention to launch a boat that offers safe and exciting cruising on the one hand, and great comfort on the other. This model is perfect for a family or a group of friends who want to spend the night on board in comfort, thanks to a layout with three cabins, two heads and a galley”.

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