This boat is the Molinari winner of the Rouen’s 24 hours in ’79! Now It’s Headed to Auction.


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Unique boats and where to find them? In the section of Motorboats! We were browsing when we came across a real treat for true powerboat enthusiasts. This the 6-meter powerboat ( it’s motorless!) is the winner of the 1979 Rouen 24-hour race at auction (click here to view).

Basically, this boat was used only once, in 1979, by the crew formed by Molinari Renato, Angelo Vassena, Augusto Panzeri and Ettore Cagnani. The engine was a Fiat 2000cc. Abarth adapted it to marine use because it was mounted on the Fiat 131 Abarth rally cars.

Why is it without an engine?

This unique boat does not have any engine because Molinari, after proposing the project to the Abarth CEO, received an expensive request for the engine. However, the scorpion house agreed to support the driver, remaining the owner of the engine.

The 24 Hours of Rouen

Endurance is vital for French people, starting from sailing, with all the declinations of the course au large and arriving to the engines’ world. Take the 24 hours of Le Mans, for example. Renato Molinari had four victories in Rouen: 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981. The auction boat is the one used in 1979 when Molinari asked Abarth. Here’s how the story of this hull began.

The story of this unique boat

Engineer Aurelio Lampredi, directors of the Scorpion’s mythical house, after having examined with attention the asked request, presented an estimate of about 300 million Liras (more or less 150.000 Euros).

The boat, which was completed directly in Abarth works, showed right from the first trials a big potential and at the same time a worrying engine overheating over which an intercooler was installed. This “object” was later removed and suddenly any trouble disappeared, allowing the crew, made by Molinari, Angelo Vassena e Augusto Panzeri to win the race quite easily.

Obviously, Renato said he did not have all those money, but Lampredi,  who imagined, the requirer’s answer and at the same time knew his fame, stated that Abarth was willing to support the challenge, also adding that his name should be officially mentioned in case of victory only.

Quoted from the book: “RACER UN SECOLO DI ENTROBORDO”.

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