How it’s made: wash and keep the teak to make it always like new


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teak deck maintenance deck

Teak is a material that lives and adapts to the marine environment without the need for special precautions and tricks, thanks to the large quantity of resinous oils present in its fibers. Its main enemies are air pollution, UV rays emitted by the sun and strong temperature changes. More so, those substances that are regularly deposited there, such as sun creams, fuel splashes or rust drains. Moisture can also damage it to some extent, as it is the main cause of black spots and mould marks.

It can also be connected to the first symptoms of weakening of glues and coments, the rubber between the staves. Obviously, boats moored in rivers or in lagoon areas will have more problems of this type: salt water is an antibacterial and does not encourage the development of mold.

The remedies at no cost, or almost, for teak

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to wash with salt water (not port water) once or twice a month. Stains caused by oils and fats should be cleaned simply with a fabric stain remover (such as Viava) or talcum powder, together with a sponge or a slightly rough cloth, for example those in microfiber used in the kitchen.

The sun also cooks the wood

Against the action of the sun’s rays, which can cause the original colour of the wood to be lost, bringing it from pink to grey. Process for other natural. One solution that slows down, even if the colour change is slight, is always the continuous washing with sea water. Maybe using protective oils indicated for teak that maintain the original color of the wood. The only contraindication for these products is that, once used, you must continue to treat the blanket in the same way throughout its existence, so as to maintain a constant and uniform appearance and organic teak.

How to keep your teak blanket clean

Banish aggressive high pressure cleaners and soaps. The best washing is obtained not with fresh water, but with salt water. The salt retains the moisture and this prevents the excessive drying of the wood fibers, which keep the oily resin that makes it so long-lived. Particular attention should be paid to the tools that help us in cleaning. The brush, for instance, while giving a great deal of help, becomes extremely harmful if used incorrectly. Every time we use it we go to affect the soft parts of the wood digging between the veins and creating steps, so be careful in its use, strictly at 45 ° in one direction and in the other than the veins and without impressing too much force. It is therefore advisable to use only brushes with thick bristles, but not too rigid, suitable for wood. Every 4 or 5 years you can give a light pass of orbital with a rather fine grain, which serves to smooth the surface and to balance those differences in level that are created between the rubber of the coments and the staves of teak.

Four products to cure teak


A company that has so many products for teak cleaning and maintenance, offers protective, regenerating and whitening oils, also sold in kits. Special bristled brushes for teak are also available.


Sells a kit called Combo Pack including a detergent and a whitener. Use in sequence to renew the bridge. Ideal for large areas as well as for doors and dunnage.


Six products available, from the historical Vivo Teak 1 and 2, for cleaning and polishing the deck, to protection oils or specific cleaning sprays. A whole range of a for teak maintenance. They are ideal for protecting the wood from UV rays and restoring it to its original colour.


The Tuscan company provides a complete range for the care and maintenance of teak, from maintenance to oiling, to finish with repair products, including products that prevent teak from getting wet.



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