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October is now over and it is time to take stock of the 2018 powerboat season. What are the boats of the moment in Europe? And what is the fastest diesel in the world? We looked at all the news in the world of recreational boating enriched by the stories and personalities holding the reins of this industry right now. All this and more in the fourth issue of Motor Boats, on newsstands now.

Don’t call me a day cruiser: the 32 most “Mediterranean” boats of the moment

We devoted a special issue to the history of what we have renamed “med boats,” and which are universally known as day cruisers . But why med boats and not day cruisers? The reason lies in the evolution of this type of motor boat, which over the years has gone from being a simple means of reaching the bay in the day to something more. We retrace this journey starting with some sacred monsters such as the postwar Rivas to the present with some of the most interesting models in the contemporary scene.

Who are “the lords of boating” right now?

At this time of great growth for the boating world, what are the groups and managers who control the major shipyards, players in the market today? From China to Italy, passing also through France here are portraits of those who now control shipyards and brands such as Ferretti, Azimut, Sunseeker, Baglietto and many others.

The world’s fastest diesel: at 150 knots on Lake Como

In March, FB Design and its engine entered the Guinness Book of Records after reaching 277.5 km/h on Lake Como. The powertrain was handled by FPT Industrial while Fabio Buzzi’s FB studio handled the design.

Letyourboat: here is the Airbnb of motor and sailboats is an intuitive and free online platform: this system connects those who want to make boats available and those who want to rent them. The mission is to activate a virtuous circle where the key players are shipowners, guests, charters and marinas. Here’s how it works and who benefits.

Symbols of greatness: here are four super powerboats you absolutely must know about

Sunseeker Predator 74, Sacs Rebel 40, Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 and Frauscher 1414 Demon: in the new issue you can find our experiences on board and all the details about these super boats.

Outboard 2.0: here are all the secrets of these engines

The outboard is becoming lighter and easier to use and maintain. That is why the future is now increasingly pointing toward outboard motors even for boats on which they were unthinkable a few years ago. Among the main causes of this shift is the development from electronics and also the maintenance factor.

Fish wherever and whenever you want with these 8 powerboats

A passion for the sea combined with a desire to experience excitement is what characterizes all fishing enthusiasts-this desire is also reflected in the type of motor boat that is chosen to sail. We have chosen eight models from 5 to 10 meters with which you can fish wherever and whenever you want in comfort.

The future is not that far away

Fully electric boats capable of crossing oceans? It sounds like science fiction and yet it is already reality: the last page of the last issue we dedicated to Silent Yachts’ Silent 55, which is not a prototype, but a real cruising boat, totally electric.

Italian coasts, 8 places to experience in any season

With its 7,500 kilometers of coastline, Italy is a unique country in the Mediterranean with an unrivaled coastal extent. For this issue of Barche a Motore we have chosen 8 locations worth visiting in any season, where you can find stimulation for gastronomy, culture or the simple beauty of the landscape.

Best used: 16 must-have powerboats

In closing to the new issue of Motor Boats you will be able to find 16 used 10- to 20-meter boats for all tastes. It starts at 45,000 euros and goes up to 580,000 for a 2007 Riva Rivarama.

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