National electric boating associations’ manifesto signed. Italy is missing


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ePropulsion X40 IEMA manifesto
ePropulsion is among the Members of the International Electric Marine Association

The International Electric Marine Industry Association (IEMA) has unveiled a manifesto signed by nine national associations urging collective commitment to the transition to electric. The association, established late last year, has as one of its primary focuses facilitating collaboration among sustainable boating players to attract investment and boost deployment. Unfortunately, at the moment, Italy still seems behind on the sustainable boating front, so much so that it is not among the signatory nations.

Who is IEMA

TheInternational Electric Marine Association is a non-profit organization based in the United States, which made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2023. The association’s main goal is to promote national and international policies to achieve “zero emissions” in recreational boating, services and transportation by 2050.

Bringing together the key players in the electrical industry through its various national associations, IEMA aims to be the point of reference for all associations, entities and activities that promote a shared mission. The association supports electrification in all fields of marine, and thanks to its members it can represent the industry while also defending its interests in regulatory and legislative matters. This is because, for a true global transition, we need to have standardized and approved rules at all levels, unifying certifications and protocols to facilitate dialogue between institutions. IEMA also serves as an industry-wide “study center” to coordinate and produce useful data and documentation to raise the profile of the electrical industry and attract new capital to the sector.

Who signed IEMA’s manifesto.

Among the first decisive steps taken by IEMA is the manifesto shared and signed by the national associations that have-to date-joined. We are talking about The Electric Boat Association of America (USA), The Electric Boat Association of Canada, Norsk elbåtforening (Norway), L’Association Française pour le Bateau Electrique (France), The Electric Boat Association of Greece (Greece), TheIndia Boat Association/India Eco Boat Association, Swiss Association for Zero Emission Boats(Switzerland), the Asociación Nazional de Barcos Eléctricos(Spain) and the Electric Boat Association( UK). Prominent is the absence of Italy, which has not yet developed a reality capable of representing the interests of the electric boating industry. Who knows, maybe an Italian association may also be born at the very stimulus of IEMA.

In addition to national associations, more than forty companies and industries in the sector from the United States, Asia and Europe are members of IEMA. They range from the Swedish X-Shore shipyard to electric motor manufacturers
and ePropulsion, via Aqua Superpower, theboat charging station company.

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