Green Yachting: Italy pioneers with first green hydrogen refueling points


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NatPower H - Green hydrogen refueling network is born
NatPower H – Green hydrogen refueling network is born

Italy is playing a leading role in the energy transition of port facilities with an innovative project: the implementation of the world’s first green hydrogen refueling network in the recreational marine sector. This ambitious project is led by the company NatPower H, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects, and will initially involve 25 ports and marinas located throughout Italy.

25 marinas today, 100 within the next 6 years

The lack of a national network for the distribution of charging points has been one of the main obstacles to the green transition in the marine sector. Despite increasing regulatory restrictions, such as those on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and the efforts of shipyards in building sustainable boats, the spread of green technologies among enthusiasts has been slowed by the limited availability of green fueling points.

NatPower CEO Fabrizio Zago presented the NatPower H project, emphasizing that it is the first global operator for green hydrogen production, storage and refueling. With an initial investment of 100 million euros and signed agreements with 25 Italian ports and marinas, NatPower H aims to create the first hydrogen refueling infrastructure entirely dedicated to yachting starting in the summer of 2024. The long-term goal is to reach 100 green hydrogen refueling stations by 2030, creating a widespread network and projecting the project on an international scale.

Fuoribordo a idrogeno. Yamaha ha pronto il primo prototipo

Star-level partners in station architecture and technology

Architecturally, NatPower H stations are notable for their collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects. The structures will be simple, ecologically responsible and low-tech, harmoniously integrated into the landscape and urban design of the various Italian locations. Using local materials such as sand and soil, along with low-carbon cement, NatPower H aims to minimize the stations’ carbon footprint by following techniques and processes that maximize material efficiency.

The project has already formed significant partnerships with the likes of Baglietto, BluEnergy Revolution, Bluegame, Fitchner, Linde, Studio Maresca, S.i.g.e., Tecma Solutions, and Zaha Hadid Architects. Specifically, the collaboration with Bluegame, a brand of the Sanlorenzo Group, includes technical sponsorship for the production of two hydrogen-powered chase boats, mandatory for the America’s Cup Barcelona 2024, for the American Magic and Orient Express teams.



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