Navigating makes you smarter and “smarter.” Science says so


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Albert Einstein, keen on navigation

Casting off your moorings and setting off by boat is not only beautiful and healthy(as we told you here), but, hear hear… it makes you smarter. You read that right: studies from psychology and science show that sailing improves many personal skills and speeds up complex learning processes.

A recent study conducted by the Academy of Management Journal found that people who have traveled have more imagination than people who have never moved. By sailing, one discovers new worlds and cultures, learns to think differently, and trains oneself to deal with other ways of living. Navigare necesse est: only in this way will your view of the world broaden and you will not have just one perspective on things. This ability to adapt and act creatively is referred to by science as “cognitive flexibility.”

The boat is a training ground for life. Big and small problems have to be solved every day. Just the ability to be creative and look at a problem from multiple angles helps solve problems more easily. According to one study, outdoor enthusiasts (and boaters) get to solve a problem 20 percent easier than those who spend all their time at home.

Place you visit by boat, emotion you feel. There is a relationship between one’s personality and the well-being one feels when visiting a place. Challenging and adventurous environments usually appeal to those with an extroverted nature who are prone to unfamiliar situations, while calmer people who like it quiet will prefer other situations. Only by measuring yourself from time to time with different environments will you understand which ones are right for you.

Navigating helps to re-center oneself, to find the “meaning of one’s life,” to focus on a purpose. By detaching with daily life, browsing helps to focus on one’s life path, observing it from a distance, and looking at it more sharply.

Studies confirm surfing increases confidence in others and in oneself. When you sail on a boat, you tend to be more open and many fears vanish, because everything is more dynamic, flexible and tci get involved much more often than when you lead your normal “land” life. As you pass various “tests” you will feel more and more confident.

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