New boat license. Is it really easier? All you need to know


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Segnify this date in red: May 13, 2022. Because, at last, the examination procedures for the new boat license will come into effect. By contacting boating schools and experts in the field, we have compiled this series of “FAQs” to dissect everything you need to know if you plan to pursue a recreational vessel command certificate.

New Boat License, everything you need to know

I want to get a driver’s license boating. Who should I turn to?

Under the new law, unless modified in the future, the only institutions to certify preparation for admission to the exams are licensed boating schools.

Can I prepare privately at LNI or other centers?

Personal preparation can take place at outside centers or privately, but in order to qualify for the exam it will be necessary-unless something changes-to go through a boating school, the only one qualified to certify five hours of practice maneuvering actually performed and preparatory to the theoretical and practical exam. The certification signed by the legal representative of the nautical school, should be handed over to the board (by the candidate or his or her nautical school) on the day of the theoretical examination.

Will the theory examination methods change depending on the Region or Province?

No, as of May 13, 2022, we will have a single exam, with ministerial questions for both the boat license within 12 miles and the license without any limit from the coast, an objective and clear exam for everyone.

How do I prepare for the quiz?

The good news is that you will no longer have to buy books and manuals. On the MIT website(boating license quiz) you can easily find all the questions with their solutions.

Where will the theoretical examination take place?

At the nearest DMV office (only for boat license within 12 miles from the coast) or at the Harbor Master’s Office (both for boat license within 12 miles and for boat license without any limit from the coast). This will depend on date and staff availability.

Is there an oral test?

No. This is to avoid inequalities and ensure the objectivity of the theoretical examination.

New boat license. How are the quiz questions now?

The new boat license is been updated like this and made up-to-date and more practical. Gone are elements of merchant shipping, nomenclature of individual components of wooden hulls, signals for “between ship” communication with flags, questions on metacenter, barycenter, displacement of “cargo,” and elements of naval physics. Questions about engine parts are limited to general operation and minor failures that may involve nonspecialist intervention, as well as taking into account technological innovations such as transmissions (IPS, Pod, etc.) and new outboard motors.

The “meteorology and tides” section focused on the elements that can actually be used by the boater during navigation. There are new questions, supported by graphic images, on mooring and unmooring, a whole new section on maneuvering, questions on non-mandatory but recommended safety equipment, and on environmental protection and navigation in Marine Protected Areas.

New boat license. How does the theoretical examination take place?

The new exam provides, for all types of category A boating licenses, for both the within twelve miles and no limit from the coast:

– the basic quiz, consisting of a national database of 1472 questions, of which are 20 multiple-choice questions are administered, in which only one of the 3 alternatives of proposed answers is correct. Only 4 errors are allowed, on the fifth error you are rejected – maximum time allowed 30 minutes;

– the sailing quiz, consisting of a database of 252 questions, of which the following are administered No. 5 single-answer questions, true or false, only one error is allowed, at the second mistake you are rejected – maximum time allowed 15 minutes.

The sailing quiz, of course, is only for those who want to take the certificate limited to motor units only.

New boat license. Is there a preliminary quiz of charting to be taken?

Propaedeutic to the above-mentioned quiz phase is provided:

– for boating license within 12 miles from the coast, an exercise on basic elements of nautical charting, 5 questions in which you can err only one answer, at the second you are ejected from the exam and do not enter the quiz phase – time allowed 20 minutes.

– for boating license without any limit from the coast, nautical charting test consisting of 4 exercises in which only one can be wrong, on the second exercise wrong you are rejected and do not enter the quiz phase – time allowed 60 minutes.

In these tests, to ensure fairness, tolerances to the margins of error were coded.

What happens if I fail on the charting test propaedeutics or the sailing quiz?

There is the possibility of still achieving the lower qualification. If a candidate who is rejected in a boating license examination decides to make use of of the lower qualification (e.g. if rejected at the no-limit he decides to take the exam for the within 12 miles, or rejected at the sailing quiz he decides to take the boating license limited to motor units only,) and if he is rejected again at the lower test in the same exam session, the next attempt (after 30 days) will be made with boating license exam for the qualification required in the original exam petition submitted to the office.

I passed the theoretical exam. Can I take the practical exam on the same day?

The theoretical and practical examinations are conducted with separate committees, thus on different days different; however, if there are objective needs at the peripheral level, the offices involved may adopt alternative measures.

New boat license. Where does the practical examination take place?

For boat license within 12 miles from the coast, at sea, in lakes, only for motor license also in rivers. For boating license without any limit from the coast, at sea.

New boat license. Who will give me the exam?

For the license for motor boating, there will be an instructor, chosen from the Metropolitan City list, and an examiner chosen by the DMV or the Coast Guard.

If I fail the practical, do I have to retake the theory?

No. About the carryover of theory, when the candidate is rejected twice in the practical test, he or she should act as follows. Within 30 days, he must resubmit a new examination petition in order to keep the written test passed with the previous examination petition valid.

How much does it cost me to get the new boat license?

The fixed costs, related to taxes and stamps, are 106.23 euros. To this must be added the cost of the medical examination, which at authorized ASLs or boating schools comes to about 70 euros. A good course at a boat school, on the other hand, has an average price of 1,000 to 1,500 euros. So depending on where you decide to get your boat license, you will have a cost to bear between 1,200 to 1,700 euros. Dear? Not too much. To get a driver’s license for the car, prices are around 1,000 euros.

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