New inflatable boats, 10 new models to see at the Genoa Boat Show (5 to 13 m)


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The Genoa Boat Show is in full swing. Here are the inflatables to know for the 2021-2022 season among debut or newly debuted models. It starts from 5.80 meters and goes up to 13 meters.

Cantieri Capelli Stradivari 43 | 13 m

A 13-meter semi-rigid inflatable boat, Cantieri Capelli-labeled and Yamaha-powered, resembling a violin. Stradivari 43 is the result of a collaborative project between the Cremonese boatyard and the “Antonio Stradivari” Consortium of Violin Makers. Alongside Capelli, Yamaha motoring has contributed to the elegant and powerful styling of Stradivari 43, which mounts two Yamaha XTO V8s of 425 horsepower each aft.Stradivari 43 will be exclusively presented with a streaming event on social channels over the summer and to the public at the first boat shows of the 2021-2022 boating season: Cannes Yachting Festival and Genoa Boat Show.

Hair Stradivari 43

Joker Barracuda 580 | 5.80 m

Developed in collaboration with fisherman Mirko Serra, this rib is designed to be a small fisherman that can be trolleyed, but can also meet the needs of a couple who wants to enjoy a day at sea. How? Thanks to a stern dedicated entirely to fishing and a bow with sundeck. This Joker Barracuda 580, precisely 5.85 meters long, can be powered by 40 to 130 outboard horsepower (with a recommended choice of 80 horsepower). Equipped with a 115-horsepower Yamaha SHO outboard, it allows a top speed of 36 knots.

Joker Clubman 22 Plus | 6.5 m

A new Clubman arrives in the Joker household. It is called 22 Plus and is based on one of the models that made the history of the shipyard. Introduced in the 1990s, the Clubman 22 has become one of the best-selling models ever. This 6.50-meter dinghy has not remained the same over the years, but has undergone changes to adapt to changing needs. Today the arrival of a new version is official: the new Clubman 22 Plus from Joker Boat. This new model brings even more space on board with two large sunbathing areas fore and aft. Designed as an inflatable boat for the family to go swimming, in 7 meters it provides plenty of space to give all guests on board maximum comfort. The model will be premiered at the Genoa 2021 motor show.

Joker Clubman 22
Joker Clubman 22

Marlin 40 | 12.05 m

This dinghy with unmistakably Marlin lines confirms the path taken by Marlin, as already demonstrated with 24 SR and X. The cruising dinghy look, with sundecks both fore and aft, wetbar and aft platform is matched by solutions that give maximum safety to the occupants. The cockpit is on one level, with no steps, and the tubular, packed with 1600 dtex fabric, thanks to the classic Marlin line that is spread over two levels, creates wraparound and protective bulkheads. The hull, designed with 2 steps, has a very deep V to ensure comfort and seaworthiness, is capable of accommodating triple engines with power up to 1200 hp total.

Marlin 40
Marlin 40

Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 – 11.0 | 12.5 m – 11.0 m

The goal of these two new models is to combine the performance characteristic of inflatable boats and the habitability of cruisers suitable for weekend or short cruises. Therefore, in addition to the deck plan, the interior of the boat was also carefully developed where there is a cabin, bathroom and storage areas. The new GranTurismo 12.5 and 11.0 are precisely named Cruiser and are the result of all the development work done on the Lomac GranTurismo 12. In terms of hull lines, the yard’s experience means that lines have been developed that are suitable for handling triple and dual motorization.

Lomac GT 11
Lomac GT 11

Hair Tempest 750 GP Anniversary Edition | 7.50 m

Yamaha’s racing background meets Cantieri Capelli’s inflatables. A world premiere of the new Capelli Tempest 750 special edition was shown at the Genoa Boat Show to celebrate Yamaha Motor’s 60 years in the racing world. The boat has red and white colors and was designed and built by Cantieri Capelli in Italy. The Tempest 750 sport version boat is dedicated to those looking for a mid-sized boat that has power to spare when sailing. It is a high-performance hull designed to reach high speeds thanks to a 250-horsepower Yamaha V6 engine. The engine is part of Yamaha’s new generation and offers Digital Electric Steering (DES), Yamaha’s TotalTilt function, and Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE). The look is inspired by the XTO.

Hair Tempest 750 GP Anniversary Edition
Hair Tempest 750 GP Anniversary Edition

Zar Formenti Imagine 130 | 13 m

ZAR Formenti chose the Genoa Boat Show (not the Cannes Boat Show) to present its newest addition. It is called Imagine 130 and is the new 13-meter from the Motta Visconti (Milan) shipyard. The shipyard thus lands in the registered boat segment with a highly exclusive product. Sporty and elegant, it has two cabins, a bathroom room with separate shower stall, dinette and sundeck, and large cockpit spaces. The boat is made using the infusion technique, which saves weight compared to layering. The T-top is made in one piece with carbon fibers. The dashboard provides space for electronic instrumentation and a cockpit with three seats suitable for high-speed navigation. Behind the seats is a large structure dedicated to services complete with max 130L refrigerator, kitchen with induction hob and sink. Under the aft sofas is a garage for a 180-cm tender that can be supplied with an electric motor, and in a second level below with a separate opening is a large locker intended for the technical area for the placement of the generator, air conditioning, water heater, and various services.

  Zar Imagine 130
Zar Imagine 130

Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring | 7 m

The Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring is a 7-meter-long, 2.80-meter-wide inflatable boat, among the latest from Ranieri International. With a dry weight of about 800 kg, it can install up to 250 outboard horsepower. The boat has a deck divided into three different areas, a bow sundeck with a convenient counter-molded locker underneath that provides storage for safety equipment. The dashboard is served by a driver’s seat with two seats and boolster system for both sitting and standing operation. The aft area features a drop-down table. Through the hatch located in the bow, it is possible to access the dressing room cabin and install an electric marine toilet upon request.

Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring
Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring

Ranieri Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring | 7.80 m

Big brother to the Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring, this Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring has an overall length of 7.80 meters and a maximum width of 2.80 meters. With a maximum installable horsepower of 300 and a dry weight of about 1,250 kg. The new deck layout is arranged as follows: in the bow is a sundeck under which a counter-molded locker provides storage for safety equipment, the console with space for instrumentation contains a dressing room with the option of installing an electric marine toilet upon request. The new two-seat driving seat, in addition to the boolster system that allows both sitting and standing driving, also includes a counter seat that creates a convivial area at the stern with the possibility of installing an additional table or sun deck.

Ranieri Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring
Ranieri Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring

Pirelli 35 Tecnorib | 11 m

The Pirelli 35 is the latest from Tecnorib, a company that is the licensee of the Pirelli brand. This dinghy was created by the Swedish firm Mannerfelt Design Team, who specialize in racing hulls. Building on the success of the Pirelli 42, this new rib has the characteristics of the stylish and fast walk-around, without forgetting comfort. This new 11-meter walkaround is a sportsman with racy, aerodynamic lines . Its look? As a modern boat, both with and without outboards. And styling on this scale will allow you to arrive in the roadstead and catch the attention of everyone around you.

Pirelli 35
Pirelli 35



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