That time when a nine meters boat faced a storm

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21 January 2019
barche a motore ormeggio
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22 January 2019
palm beach barca a motore onde

Il PB 32 mentre salta tra le onde

palm beach barca a motore onde

Il PB 32 mentre salta tra le onde

Australia, 2005. A storm is hitting Sydney, with strong winds and a very rough sea. No one leaves the port. At a certain point, between the breakwaters, a small boat, a Palm Beach 32 of not even 10 meters, takes off. Mark Richards, founder of the shipyard, is at the controls and he is pushing the PB32 through the stormy sea at full throttle, jumping from one wave to another at highspeed. What is the reason for this “crazy” sea race? Simple, the rush. The boat must participate in the Sanctuary Cove boat show and is a race against time to get there prompt. Mark Richards is speeding through the sea at full speed and arrives in time for the boat show. A very demanding transfer, as they say in jargon. To remember it there is this shot, which in the best way tells a beautiful story of the sea.

Extreme training of the American coastguard (click here)

Palm Beach, luxury yachts in Australia

Palm Beach Motor Yachts is an Australian shipyard founded in 1995 and since 1999 has been dedicated to luxury motor boats. It is based in Palm Beach, New Wales, Australia.


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