Offshore crashes while trying a record: three killed including Fabio Buzzi

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Buzzi venezia

Buzzi venice

A terrible accident happened last night in Venice, during a record attempt on the route Venice – Montecarlo. Among the victims, according to Ansa, there is the motorboat pilot, Fabio Buzzi, holder of numerous records and one of the most successful designers of high-performance boats. He died at the age of 76 together with two other English pilots whose names are not yet known. On the boat there was another experienced pilot, Mario Invernizzi, that is seriously injured.

What happened

According to the first information reported by the fire brigade, the offshore hull ended up against the dam of San Nicoletto, in Lunata. The accident, in dense darkness, would have happened in front of the ‘lunata’, an artificial dam made of large boulders lowered on the seabed built to protect the works of the Mose, south of the dam of San Nicolò del Lido, near Venice.

The powerful boat, about twenty meters long and with engines that allow to reach maximum speeds of 70 knots (about 130 km/h), had left from Monte Carlo yesterday morning, around 11, and was trying to beat the record of the crossing. When it crashed, it was by then near the finish line, at the Lido.


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