Opac launches two new smart canopies for yachts


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Opaque canopies
Opac canopies

The canopy of a yacht is an accessory that deserves a lot of attention. Why? Because comfort, both when sailing and when stationary, also depends on him. Whether there is too much air or very little, sun or rain, the canopy must be quick to move, even when sailing. And it is not enough for it to move, but it must stop at the right place. Today we look at Opac’s latest two solutions previewed at the Genoa Boat Show: the Multifunctional Hard-top and the Easy Top.

Opac’s smart canopies

Watch the video and learn how they work

Multifunctional Hard-Top

Elegant and technologically top-notch. This is the secret of Opac’s new Multifunctional Hard-Top. Introduced at the last boat show in Genoa, this canopy consists of slats with an aluminum frame. The tempered glass cover allows natural light to filter in and illuminate the area below even when closed. Depending on the type of boat this hard-top can be made in different sizes. This is to better adapt according to the different needs of the designers and the boat.

How Opac’s Multifunctional Hard-Top Works.

But is it difficult to use? The opening is managed with a twofold movement: the first, fan-shaped, allows upward lifting of the slats. The second consists of an aftward translation of the slats themselves, which are “packed.” This also transforms motoryachts into Open. The top can be opened completely or only partially, depending on the owner’s needs.

Easy Top Opac: from sports cars to yachts

Opac’s other new feature for 2020 is a manually operated soft-top called Easy Top. It is a fabric canopy designed to effectively solve the problems that can arise with manual handling. The Easy Top is a single-handle system that originated for automotive tops.

This soft-top is at the top of the market. Thanks to an innovative handle, it allows, with a simple action of turning it, the opening and closing of the roof. This, moreover, can be locked in any intermediate position, allowing the desired opening space. It is an opening system, covered by a specific patent, unique in the market. Manual handling uses a series of levers that, during the aftward opening movement, lift the canopy fabric toward the outside, increasing the livable height and thus the habitability underneath. The opening is always controlled and the linkages are always stable in every position.

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