Out of the box: here comes Velar 78, part powerboat, part sailboat


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Velar 78 evo yachts

After the success of the Evo R4 andEvo R6, the Evo Yachts brand is enriched with a new boat that is out of the box: Velar 78. If the “boat that opens” has been much talked about, now comes a new model, born once again by the volcanic designer Valerio Rivellini.

Velar 78, out of the box

The project was presented a few months ago by Valerio Rivellini. Today it is officially under construction at Evo Yachts shipyards, with which the designer has been collaborating for a long time now. What does it mean to be outside the box? Simple, that this 70-foot boat combines the strengths of a motor yacht and a sailing yacht .

Velar 78 stern
A sketch of the stern of the Velar 78

Embracing the project was Evo Yachts, the brand owned by the shipyard Blu Emme Yachts, known in the boating market for its range of open boats with opening side rails and tenders. From the comparison between designer and shipyard, the Velar grew (initially it was Velar 70) and was transformed into Velar 78.

Velar 78 by Evo Yachts

Velar 78 is a 24-meter powerboat that offers a minimalist and refined design. The first point of contact between sailing and the motor world is in navigation. This yacht is designed for slow sailing, a typical feature of sailing yachts. Another common feature are the large wheel rudders that give the owner the feeling of steering a sailboat.

For when the weather or sea is unfavorable, there is the option to steer the yacht safely and indoors in the wheelhouse inside the deckhouse. It is then equipped with joystick drive for more complicated maneuvers. The deckhouse provides windows that disappear completely, making the boat a pure open equipped with a T-top.

Who it is designed for

While it is difficult to frame as a genre of boat, it is clear who it is aimed at. To new boat owners who seek a way of sailing that is slow living, mindful of fuel reduction and eco-sustainability. Thus, the watchwords are contemplation, sharing and comfort.

With the Velar 78, whose construction has just begun and will be completed in early 2021, Evo Yachts thus enriches its range by adding a new series, the Velar line to the series already present and in the range: the R-line with the R4, R4WA and R6 models and the T-line with the T2 model and-soon to come-the T3 model.


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