Outboard engine, here are the top from 150 to 627 hp


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Welcome to the era of the outboard engine 2.0: until a few years ago, as the length of the boat increased, the choice of an inboard model was a must, today things have changed.

8 things to know about the modern outboard engine

Here is the top of the outboard engines between 150 and 627 hp with some indications on their uses and the main goodies of some models.


Mercury has recently launched its new V6 3,400 cc engines, from 175 to 225hp: powerful and able to deliver exciting acceleration, they are compact and lightweight ( dry weight is just 215 kg). This versatility makes the new V-6 an ideal engine for repower or single-engine applications. With its performance-inspired dual overhead cam (quad cam) and four-valve design, the engine will reach higher speeds, faster.

We have liked the top cowl service door that, typical of FourStroke, Verado, Pro XS and Racing ranges, provides easy oil check and fill without removing the cowl.



Suzuki Marine V6 4-cylinder (325 hp-350hp; 330 and 339 kg) outboards reflect a “two is better than one” philosophy: indeed, they feature a dual louver system at the air intake, dual contra-rotating props, dual injectors and an engine cooling system that uses dual intake configuration positioned in the front of the gear case. This technology translates into efficiency, reliability and performance.

Noteworthy are the dual contra-rotating props that turn maximum horsepower output into propulsion under water, while providing better stability at sea and higher reverse thrust.


A really wide range with over 32 four-stroke models, from the small 2.5hp Guppy (13kg) to the powerful Blue Whale (278 kg) with electronic fuel injection system. The manufacturer has focused on the reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions thanks to advanced technologies and the pursuit of compactness: the biggest models can be installed in pairs with contra-rotating props and communicate with on-board tools via NMEA 0183 protocol.

Since Selva Marine also builds fiberglass boats and RIBs, you can choose a “boat+engine” package in order to enjoy the best engine option for your boat.

HONDA BF175/BF200/ BF225/BF250 V6

The tip of the Honda’s iceberg in terms of technological innovation is repreented by these new outboards (272 kg) from 175 to 250 hp: a combination of automotive and marine innovation guarantees good performance and low fuel consumption. Vtec technology uses mild cam profile to operate intake valves at low rpm, then engages a high-output cam profile for higher-rpm operation. The exclusive design provides a unique blend of power, torque, and efficiency at any speed.

Very smart is the ECOmo (Economu Controlled Motor) system that automatically adjusts the air/fuel mixture according to speed in order to deliver the best possible fuel efficiency and emission levels.

YAMAHA F225F/F250D/F300B

In addition to the new V8 XTO Offshore 425hp engine, launched with a view of leading the market of inboard/outboard engines, Yamaha continues to develop its “evergreen” models. Like the V6 225/300hp models (F225F, F250D and F300B). Equipped with 24 valves, electronic fuel injection and VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) system, these motors deliver excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, perfect silence and fluidity.

Very useful, especially for anglers, is the Helm Master Stay Point system that, connected to GPS, blocks the steering wheel and takes over the boat, keeping it stationary in a fixed point.

EVINRUDE E-TEC G2 C150/ C200/E225/E250/E300

Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards, from 150 to 300 hp, feature direct fuel injection, a built-in digital “brain” for speed and acceleration management, a dynamic power steering and the “i-Trim” system that automatically adjusts the optimal boat trim. Noteworthy is the iDock system that facilitates mooring manoeuvres and communicates with engines. The gyro detectors are inspired by the aeronautical world, combined with a joystick and able to compensate wind and stream effects automatically.

We have appreciated the incredible customization possibilities offered by this engine, with many color options for lateral and upper grill panels.

TOHATSU BFT 150/200/225/250

The most powerful outboards of the broad V6 BFT range (that goes from 60 to 250hp thanks to the partnership with Honda), are based on a programmed fuel injection system that delivers a precise amount of air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. This translates into easy engine ignition and prompt acceleration, low emissions and excellent fuel efficiency.

The BFT 250 features dual and separate air circuits. The fist features an air inlet in the front of the engine and cools the alternator; the second, positioned on the sides of the gear case, directs air in the body after dehumidifying it.


The world’s most powerful outboards are manufactured by Seven Marine (recently acquired by Volvo Penta). The range goes from 527 to 627 hp (in the picture, the 557). The 627 SV, for example, is based on a General Motors engine block ( an engine used on the Cadillac CTS-V and the Camaro ZL1): a V8 6.162 L engine, fitted with a volumetric compressor and intercooler. The engine block is made of aluminium and equipped with dual over head valves.

Maybe not stylish, the LED gear case makes Seven Marine recognizable even in the dark while creating an interesting effect.



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