Why do ever more “big” boats use outboards?


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Fjord_36-barche-a-motoreWhat’s the reason for outboard’s trend although the alternative is often represented by a more cost-efficient diesel-propelled counterpart? Reasons can be listed quickly enough.

All the advantages of a outboard engine on a “big” powerboat

First of all, power being equal, a diesel engine is more expensive than a gas one and therefore advantageous only for those who actually sail lots of miles. Outboards are increasingly more fuel-efficient and, above all, are significantly lighter than their diesel counterparts, with incredible advantages in terms of overall fuel consumption. Moreover, outboards don’t need any engine room, which means more space for passengers. Outboards are also increasingly more powerful: today, just two outboards are enough to enjoy extraordinary power. Let’s not forget another important advantage because we are talking in most cases of MedBoat, modern day cruiser. With the trim, a boat with outboards can reach the most fascinating coves or bays, getting closer to the shore.



Last but not least, they are hung off the stern, with the grille stamped with the amount of horsepower: this is a temptation only a few boat owners can resist. After all, we all like that our boat doesn’t go unnoticed and four heads marked “ 400hp” are certainly more attractive than four sterndrive engines hidden under the boarding platform.

Five “big” powerboats with outboard engine

Beneteau Barracuda 9

This fishing boat/ family cruiser benefits from the Beneteau Air Step 2 technology which reduces hull friction while improving both consumption and performance standards. She is also offered in flybridge version.

Loa: 8.91m; b.max: 2.93m; engines max: 450 hp; berths: 2


merry fisher beneteau barche a motore

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

This is the flagship of the boatyard. A great amount of space outside and only one, yet highly comfortable, cabin inside, with en-suite bathroom, galley and tv screen. Propulsion options below 1,200hp are not recommended.

Loa: 13.00m; b.max: 3.96m; engines max: 1675 hp; berths: 2


Boston-Whaler-420-Outrage-barche a motore

Cutwater c-302 Sport Coupé

Another “jewel” of the American yachting industry. Suitable for fishing, this comfortable cruiser combines contemporary design and traditional style, offering a multitude of accessories and equipment.

Loa: 11.70m; b.max: 3.00m; engines max: 600 hp; berths: 4


Cutwater_C302 barche a motore

Evo Yachts CC

Designed by Valerio Rivellini, this is the outboard proposal of the revolutionary Evo Yachts. The boat features a large astern cockpit with a wide sun pad, a carbon T-Top and, below deck, a spacious dinette which can convert into a 4-adult cabin.

Loa: 13.04m; b.max: 4.52m; engines max: nd hp; berths: 4


Evo Yachts_Evo CC barche a motore

Fjord 36 express

The layout is inspired by open boats but both the galley and the bathroom below deck have nothing on traditional cruisers.

Loa: 11.32m; b.max: 3.64m; engines max: 700 hp; berths: 2






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