Pirelli 30 (9.8 m), testing of a 50+ knot inflatable boat


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Tecnorib Pirelli 30
Pirelli 30

Testing of the Pirelli 30 from Sacs Tecnorib. All the DNA of Pirelli’s inflatable boats, condensed into a compact boat with amazing qualities both in navigation and on deck.

Full article on with sailing data on Motor Boats No. 33

Pirelli 30 – Our Test

Through in a flash the blue-clad city, still intoxicated with the Scudetto. I am in no hurry, and I tell this to the taxi driver, who with a “vabbuò, arrivare primm’ e vi pigliate ‘o café” immediately immerses me in the atmosphere, unique, of Naples.

So I arrive in Mergellina a half hour early, but instead of coffee I prefer to take my time watching the entry level Pirelli Walkarounds from Sacs Tecnorib range rocking at the mooring. I recently had a chance to try one of its direct competitors, same length and motorization, but significantly cheaper; I want to see if and how much the price difference is justified.

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Pirelli 30 – Exterior

The size, just under 10 meters, is going for the most here in the Gulf and beyond: it is the minimum to have a ‘big’ dinghy, comfortable even with waves, fast and not bulky, easy to handle.
The family feeling with the big brothers (Pirelli 35, 42 and 50), all by Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design – a leader in racing fairings – immediately jumps out at you. But I have the impression that the 30 is more proportionate. It looks bigger than its 9.80 meters overall, thanks to its beautiful gritty yet reassuring lines, and it stands out among the somewhat anonymous boats that flank it. I am joined by Salvatore, owner of Charter Liliano, the exclusive dealer for Campania.
We immediately recognize each other: I have on my oilskin the guidon of my Club where he, thirty years ago, had a happy past as a rower; today as a great expert on dinghies he begins by explaining to me the various deck configurations.

Pirelli 30

You walk on a very practical gray teak-like surface. Aft of the center console, after the classic sink/shower cabinet, the two sofas and table transform into a large sundeck; the bow can also become a single full-beam sundeck, but this is optional. I may prefer it that way, with the seating in the bow triangle served by gleaming steel cup holders, the settee in front of the console, and the ability to safely reach the anchor locker (with the trademark: the anti-skid on the hatch has the imprint of the Cinturato Pirelli).

Bow bath of the Pirelli 30

I like the idea of an uncompromising walkaround: outboard-only motorization and, below decks, a bold no to the cabin/sarcophagus with a bunk. Instead, there is a single, large room nearly two meters in height that houses a bathroom/dressing room to make the most discerning owner happy. In the stern we have a pair of Mercury Verado 300 hp each, perhaps a bit oversized, but the price difference between the three available engines (300-250 hp) does not affect the final price much, probably the most popular will be the one that offers a few more horsepower.

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We go to refuel and I am immediately surprised at how easy it is to maneuver in the tight spaces of this corner of the harbor. You immediately become familiar with the vehicle, on the “minimalist” dashboard everything is well organized, and the large, very readable multifunction screen allows you to have every navigation parameter under control.

We leave the port. Ideal conditions for a rehearsal, there is no one in the sea, too bad it feels like being in the Solent, you breathe water, the sky is leaden and the first drops of rain arrive.
Bow southeast, perpendicular to the short sirocco wave, and up the throttles, 500 turns at a time. The progression is smooth, at just over 2,500 rpm we are gliding along at about 18 knots, no slamming, not a creak. After all, we are really at the top here. Ted Mannerfelt has maintained, to scale, the same design philosophy as his older brothers while preferring, on this size only, a stepless hull.

We travel like on a cushion of air up to the cruising speed of 25 knots, with a consumption (estimated, the sensors are not yet calibrated on our specimen) of about sixty liters/hour. Then with a roar the speed and adrenaline picks up, we easily touch 46 knots, the bow wave sets in, and we slow down for a tight turn around an oil tanker at anchor, appreciating the handrails placed just where they need to be. The feeling of safety is maximum, but I don’t force more and trust: the stated top speed of 54 knots, not within my reach, is certainly within the reach of this hull with these engines.

We realize that it is raining, and a lot of it, only when we slow down to return to port. The windshield, which might seem small, actually protected us very well from splashes and rain; only now that we are going slow do we miss the T-Top, which is part of a carefully thought-out list of options, as is normal for a product of this level.

Here we are back at the berth, disembarking from the stern since the space alongside the engines allows for easy passage to jump into the dock as well as to go down into the water. I am wet but happy to have tried this very fun boat, responsive and gentle at the same time, where every detail expresses quality. But, finally, is it worth the price difference from the competition?
He who spends the most spends the least, goes the saying.

Nothing could be truer.

Fabio Ratti



Length f.t. LOA

9.80 m

Beam width

3.30 m

Draught Draught

0.9 m

Displacement. Displacement

3,900 kg


Serb. fuel Fuel tank

350 l


Max Speed Max Speed

54 kn


Passengers Passengers


CONTACTS: www.tecnorib.it




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