Polaris &Super Polaris (13 m), the legendary 1960s cruisers by Cantieri di Pisa – Classic Boat


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Pisa Shipyards – Polaris

Boating is not just a race to the new, and as in so many other contexts, sometimes it is also right to look back, admiring the path taken and understanding the stages encountered. And, as it should be, the past also gives us great boats, so many milestones that in this series on the
Classic Boats
we try to explore. Great boats that, in turn, so many of you have pointed out, reminded and suggested to us. Here, with the “saga” of the Polaris from Pisa Shipyards, we also introduce some of your Classic Boats.

Pisa Shipyards – Super Polaris

Active since 1945 in the construction of civilian and military boats, Cantieri di Pisa is one of those typical Italian companies that, with the advent of the 1960s, was able to transform itself into a successful “business.” Indeed, a series of motor yachts named after the stars of the Eridanus constellation were born in the 1960s, boats that were successful and capable of cementing the shipyard’s reputation. Among them, precisely, the Polaris, in 1961, a 13.20-meter cruiser, elegant and capable of sleeping up to 6 people, entered production. With 1964, the Polaris in turn receives an upgrade, becoming the Super Polaris, still a great boat, now complete with new deckhouse and flybridge

Super Polaris
Pictured is Andrea Errani’s Super Polaris, who kindly told us about his boat



Looking at the lines of the Polaris series, there first emerges that classic elegance conferred by a clean design and the combination of colors with the wooden finishes, strictly teak or solid mahogany. In fact, the interior hull is made of triple mahogany planking, and except for the brass details, every finish results in a small marvel of cabinetmaking.

Coming to the outdoor spaces, the Polaris welcomes with a spacious and well-protected cockpit, both from the bulwarks and from a possible awning. Here, to take advantage of a “step” that accompanies the aft stanchion, a cushioning is first provided that allows this space to be transformed into a comfortable settee seat. Just beyond that, takes place the covered part of the deck, the pilothouse, equipped with an upper flybridge, in the case of the Super Polaris.

Super Polaris
The cockpit of Andrea Errani’s Super Polaris

Moving beyond the wheelhouse, the bow of both models accommodates with ample space in the pulpit area offering good freedom of movement. To provide an additional lounge area, the flat deckhouse can finally be used as a sun deck, equipped with cushions suitable precisely for the function of a sundeck.

Super Polaris
Pisa Shipyards – Polaris

Polaris – Interior

Shifting our attention to the covered areas, first on the main deck is the wheelhouse, located on the port broadside and, originally, served by a bench seat, which can be folded down and is complete with a footrest. Between this and the starboard broadside, however, the passage to the below deck opens. Backing toward the cockpit, there is a sofa on the starboard side while, on the port side, a fold-down table and furniture conclude the spaces.

Super Polaris
Super Polaris, view of the wheelhouse

Below deck one is immediately greeted by a nicely finished dinette, starting with the walls, in satin teak. On the left broadside is an L-shaped sofa that can be converted into a double bed, and on the right broadside, a second sofa occupies the space. This, in its own very versatile way, can be converted into a bunk bed by a simple upward flip of the backboard, which then becomes a bunk. Finally, the walls are occupied by a bar-bookcase cabinet while, on the front facing the kitchen, there is a folding table, which when closed remains integrated with the wall, on the vertical. At the need, it pulls down and serves the L-shaped sofa.

The interior of the Super Polaris in an archive image

The kitchen, with laminate walls, features a cooktop consisting of three gas burners to which is added the oven below. There is also a fume hood and a 160-liter refrigerator. Just to the side, a countertop leads up to the double steel sink.

Finally, in addition to the guest toilet and the one serving the master cabin, there is precisely a double forward cabin, entirely finished in teak and furnished with two large beds, abundant storage space and a closet with mirror.

The master cabin of the Super Polaris, with the typical separate beds in use until the 1970s

Polaris – Motorization and performance

As for the original engine, the shipyard supplied the boat with a pair of General Motors-Detroit Diesel 6V53-N engines, for 436 horsepower and a top speed of 25 knots.

Pisa Shipyards – Polaris

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Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 13.20 m
Baglio Massimo 3.80 m
Fishing 0.95 m
Gross Tonnage 18 t
Original Motorization 2x General Motors-Detroit Diesel 6V53-N
Overall power 436 horses
Maximum Speed 25 kn
Cruising Speed 19 kn
Autonomy Cruise 19 hours
Fuel Tank 760 lt (+ additional 380 lt)
Sleeping places 6
Bathrooms 3
Builder Pisa Shipyards

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