Port Cros, an oasis of peace near the French Riviera

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20 November 2018
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barche a motore ile port cros

barche a motore ile port crosPort Cros  is an enchanting island, situated in front of Hyeres just a few miles away from St. Tropez, characterized by a small village surrounding the port and looking  like a refuge of pirates. The few inhabitants  have cleverly preserved the original beauty of the place. The rare buildings around the port, home to coffee bars, restaurants or grocery stores, haven’t spoiled the environment. Since 1963, the whole island is a natural reserve. Sea bottoms offer the best of the Mediterranean fauna and flora. You only have to dive in the waters of Plage de la Palud to realize that. Walking on the island is an immersion in a gorgeous wild nature. Of course, motor  vehicles are not allowed and yachtsmen can’t dock along the coastline, except for Port Cros and Port Man. Nature and waters in Port Cros  are wonderful. Sheltered by the islet of Bagaud, the natural bay offers floating quays and mooring buoys. In  summer, the bay is highly crowded and it is really difficult to find a free mooring place. The port offers many restaurants and grocery stores. You can anchor on the southern side of the entrance, where some buoys are available.

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