Prestige 460 S, the essence of a coupè boat

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Prestige, the Jeanneau’s brand that builds highly sophisticated and exclusive boats, proposes, in addition to a Flybridge range, some interesting Coupe models whose name is marked by the typical “S” of Sport Line. The Prestige 460 S is the latest model launched for this category that is being increasingly more successful. The reason for such success is clear enough and, when applied to this specific boat, becomes even clearer if compared to its fly bridge-equipped predecessor. If indeed, the idea of not having an upper deck with its relative living spaces is accepted, advantages are all to the benefit of this new version. First of all, the overall look becomes sleeker and lighter. Moreover, interiors are exactly the same, considering that the only element that has changed is the superstructure. Thanks to the advantages offered by the opening sunroof which covers the first third of its length and almost its total width, even the interior dinette can be enjoyed as an extension of the cockpit and vice versa. The visual and physical communication between interiors and exteriors is exactly one of the focal points of the recent Prestige’s policy

As usual for the brand, interior and exterior design is by Studio Garroni that, in this 14-meter boat, has succeeded in creating many spaces where to lay down without missing the upper deck. The forward sun pad can accommodate three adults in total comfort, protected by a pop-up awning while, in the stern, L-shaped sofas and the folding dinner table can turn into an additional sunbathing platform. Another open-air space is provided by the large self-propelled platform on the transom, accessible from a passage on the left of the cockpit. Following the contemporary yacht design trend, the galley is the first functional space you find when crossing the threshold. Thanks to its position, it can be easily used regardless of the fact passengers have dinner inside or outside. The dinette, positioned on a higher level than the galley, features a central table with sofas on three sides and a small canapé just behind the deck house.
This is clearly proved by the glass windows that envelop the deck house and by the large sliding door that can be reduced to one single leaf when completely open. But there’s much. The S model boasts a 3% lighter weight than its predecessor as well as improved aerodynamic efficiency. The Coupe version is 1 knot faster both in terms of top speed and cruising speed ( 33 and 25 knots vs 32 and 24 or, if you prefer, we can say that, at the same speed, it uses less fuel). Price, too, is a point in favor of the boat without fly: about 23 thousand euros less ( VAT excluded). For the rest, differences stop here. In practice, it’s a new application of the economy of scale which a big group is capable of and that standardizes production processes, optimizes resources and offers a new hull version. Advantages are clear: lower production and engineering costs, lower final price and greater corporate profitability.

Motorization of Prestige 460 S

The console, where all sort of devices can be installed, is equipped with standard steering joysticks that complete the IPS pods of Volvo Penta propulsion: two IPS 500 375HP engines (standard) or two IPS 600 435HP engines (optional). The night area, located on the lower deck, is offered in different versions. The first is also the most suitable one to meet the needs of those who want to spend much time on board and consists of two cabins. In this case, the master cabin is in the middle of the boat and uses 60% of the space available on this level. The central bed is accessible from three sides and furniture is completed by a small sofa along the port side. In the bow, the second cabin with double bed can be divided into two single berths when necessary. Both cabins have an en-suite bathroom with separate shower. A third version includes a third cabin but, in this case, the master cabin is moved forward while the two double cabins are positioned amidships. As for bathrooms, they are always two but the left one is a little smaller. This is an appreciable solution for a boat of this size even if experience suggests to focus more on the boat’s length than on the number of cabins to choose the number of passengers to embark. Interior design is absolutely contemporary and the owner has the possibility to choose between various types of fabrics and wood essences, including reddish Moabi and bleached oak. Noteworthy is the possibility to have also a crew cabin with private bathroom in the stern.

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