Prestige M48. This catamaran (15 m) is a villa on the sea – TEST


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Prestige M48
Prestige M48

With the introduction of its first multihull, the Prestige M48 (14.79 m), French Prestige Yachts is entering the motor catamaran market, inaugurating a new line, the M-Line. A debut that leaves a deep impression, because the new M48, as we had a chance to try, proves to be an interesting boat, contoured not only with comfort, but also with ideal cruising solutions.

Prestige M48

Designed around a winning philosophy, the Prestige M48 is entirely built with the intention of maximizing comfort and space on board, offering, in fact, volumes worthy of a 65-70 foot monohull, enclosed however, in its mere 48. Designed to be a high-end motor catamaran, it combines large and spacious volumes in a deliberately small size, so that it can offer an excellent combination of luxury and usability. A project, as we shall see, that is particularly successful, the result of the hands of Camillo Garroni, Philippe Briand and Valentina Militerno de Romedis.

Prestige M48 – Project

The catamaran is basically a very ancient craft, if you will, and one that lays its foundations already in the early sailing experiences of many different cultures. Yet, it is in more recent years that it sees constant innovation, especially in the exponential appreciation that its versions, motor-powered in particular, begin to gain.

Prestige M48
Prestige M48

In terms of structures, the beam is contained, touching in fact only 6 meters, a solution that, absurdly, does not limit in the least the livability on board (which continues to enjoy very generous volumes), but facilitates mooring operations, or in general movements in marinas or anchorage areas.

Indeed, the space between the two hulls obviates the reduction in space since, while generally contained, it is here deeper, and in turn shaped to cope with the sea in the event of a wave. Solution that not only helps disperse water by cushioning impacts, but also provides larger spaces to the interior-especially the master cabin.

Finally, in addition to providing the volumes of a 60/70-footer, the Prestige M48 also operates on the comfort front through the speeds it can sustain. In fact, non-planing hulls still allow up to 20 knots of speed, which can be achieved step-by-step, however, by also choosing to proceed at any intermediate speed, which is otherwise more complicated on monohulls, where the displacement-planing transition regime, is less comfortable for life on board.

Prestige M48 – Exterior

As mentioned earlier, the Prestige M48 is created around the idea of comfort, in an overall vision that intends to improve the entire motorboat experience. And in this sense all outsiders are committed, aimed at facilitating any convivial situation or context that comes along.

Starting from the stern, we first find two swim platforms per hull, joined by a movable central portion. This, to be held up while sailing, allows the creation of a beach area at any time of stopover, functioning simultaneously, as a tender lift. In fact, the tender garage is located under the cockpit, served by a hydraulic hatch that faces precisely the above-mentioned structure.

Prestige M48 – Cockpit

Entering the cockpit is a large convivial area, furnished with sofas and tables. Of course, sheltered by the upper flybridge, it is also usable in different weather conditions. Again from here, you can access the three remaining areas of the boat: the interior, the fly, or the forward lounge. In the case of the Fly-bridge, one is greeted by a large C-shaped sofa, provided on the aft and forward ends, with further extension, thus offering directional seating in as many as 3 directions. In the central part, there is a large table, while toward the bow, in addition to the forward component of the sofa, we find the double wheelhouse seat and a full cockpit.

Prestige M48

In the bow, on the other hand, reached via well-protected broadside walkways, is a lounge area complete with sofas and sundecks. An area, this one, that is also extremely pleasant when sailing. In fact, the engine noises here are very muffled, and the displacement speed makes it particularly pleasant even at high speeds. The fly is also smooth while on the move, whether sitting on the sofas or at the helm. In particular, also pleasing is the arrangement of the rudder and controls, which are ergonomically appreciable and easy to handle and reach.

Prestige M48 – Interior

Moving to the interior, one is immersed in a world unexpected for the size of the boat. The living room and the entire living area appear particularly spacious and airy, while the design of the furniture blends particularly well with the entire context. Available in two different layouts, 3- or 4-cabin, we were guests on Hull 001, structured according to the former, but the difference is limited to the interior bow area, divided into one or two cabins, without affecting the salon layout.

Salon, Kitchen and Wheelhouse
Prestige M48 – Salon, Kitchen and Wheelhouse

The living room is presented as one particularly bright open space. Just to starboard of the entrance is the kitchenette, finely finished and equipped with ample storage and full complements. Opposite this, we find a descent to the (full) communal toilet, and a twin bedded cabin. In the center of the salon, however, is a large C-shaped sofa with a central marbled table, facing part of the galley, an exit/window to the outside, and stairs down to the second cabin, a double with en suite facilities in this case. Finally, at the forward end is the command station, offset to starboard, and in the center is the descent to the owner’s cabin (in this variant).

Salon and Kitchen
Prestige M48 – Salon and Wheelhouse

The cabins all turn out to be very well maintained, but the owner’s cabin is particularly striking, full-beam and spacious beyond expectation. A quality, this is attributable to the depth of the central floor mentioned earlier, which allows much wider cabins than normal. In fact, the owner’s suite consists not only of a double island bed, but also offers wide walkways, a sofa, and two different bathroom areas. One including bathrooms, and a second equipped with a walk-in shower.

Prestige M48 – Owner

Prestige M48 – Navigation

Coming finally to our experience on the Prestige M48, first of all, the comfort during sailing should be emphasized, which is particularly pleasant even at high speeds and strong seas (1.0/1.2 meters). At speed regimes between 12 and 19 knots, movement on board is agile and unhindered, thanks in part to the precautions taken, placing several handrails in the most appropriate places. In terms of responsiveness and maneuverability, the M48 performs well, offering a docile feel at the controls, and, thanks to the dual motorization, even maneuvering in restricted waters is easy, of course using the throttles in a consonant manner. The impacts on the waves taken from the bow are perhaps the most felt, not so much because of yawing or pitching, but because, for the unaccustomed, you can feel the water splitting on the central part of the catamaran, which as we saw, however, is designed for this to happen smoothly.

In terms of reaction and speed, good behavior is undeniable, obviously keeping in mind the size and type of navigation envisaged: the long and comfortable cruise. The ability to sail at any speed without suffering the disturbances of the transition phase (displacement-planing) is then, as mentioned, particularly pleasant, and really allows you to adapt the boat to your own style and need, with an eye on fuel consumption as well. Consumption also limited by the absence of a stabilizer, which generally requires the generator to remain on for extended periods. Absence due, of course, to the double hull, which compensates by itself to any roll.

Prestige M48

Prestige M48 – Motorization

Powered by two VOLVO D4 V-Drives of 320 horsepower each, the new Prestige also winks at tanks, limiting overall fuel consumption through two main solutions, making it comparable to a 40-foot monohull. On the one hand, the amplified ability to handle speeds and RPM, and on the other, a particularly efficient hull that, although not planing, easily opens the water and has a low coefficient of friction and turbulence. Ideal conditions for enjoying sailing? Between 15 and 16 knots, which is also an ideal speed because of the limited noise produced.

1000 4.58 4.5
1500 7.0 10.0
2000 8.9 22.0
2250 9.28 32.0
2500 9.9 44.0
2750 10.6 59
3000 12.4 74
3250 15.7 84.5
3500 17.2 104.6
3700 18.6 124.9
(8 people on board) (0.90 meters wave) (2 VOLVO 320 HP)

Prestige M48 price

The standard model is around €1,100,000 excluding VAT and, the one we tested, around €1,400,000, also excluding VAT.

Prestige M48 – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 14.79 m
Baglio Massimo 6.00 m
Fishing 1.08 m
Light Displacement 17,480 kg
Standard Motorization 2x VOLVO D4 – 320 hp V-Drive
Tip Speed 20 kn
Cruising Speed (Standard V) 18 kn
Fuel Tank 1200 L
Fresh Water Tank 600 L
Cabins 3 – 4 (+1)
Beds 6 – 8 (+1)
Bathroom 3 – 4 (+1)



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