Privilège, there’s the catamaran…with three hulls!

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In 1985, Philippe Jeantot was at the peak of his success as a solo sailor and founded Jeantot Marine in Les Sables d’Olonne. In 1989, the same year where he invented Ventée Globe, his Privilège yachts were among the world’s most appreciated cruising catamarans. In 1996, under the aegis of Alliaura, the brand focused its attention on bigger yachts and launched over 60 yachts between 18 and 23 meters. Since May 2017, Privilège Marine has been part of Hanse Yachts Group and, since 2018, has been building a motor-powered catamaran, the Euphorie 5, perfect for both short- and long-distance cruising with no professional crew aboard. Like all the other models of the range, she was designed by Marc Lombard. One of the main strengths of the catamarans of Vandea is the presence of a central pod, a sort of the third hull to accommodate forward cabins which generally coincide with the master suite. Moreover, all these boats are extraordinarily sturdy and stable in any sea conditions. Keels separated from the rest of the boat, bows with crash box and transoms with waterproof bulkheads to protect the engine in case of involuntary shock complete the list of hallmarks of these catamarans.

Euphorie 5

Loa: 15.24 m; B.max: 7.71 m; max engine: 2x220hp

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