Aquastop Primer

Aquastop Primer – Specific for fiberglass and anti-osmosis

Specific product for the treatment of fiberglass hulls affected by osmosis phenomena and particularly recommended for preventive protection treatment. Characterized by excellent water resistance (salt, fresh) provides perfect hull waterproofing.

The Boero Group has created Aquastop points: these are specialized centers for the application of Aquastop, are affiliated with Veneziani Yachting, and have dedicated equipment and qualified staff for osmosis care. Analysis of the osmotic degree of a vessel is complex and needs to be evaluated by experienced personnel so that the right intervention can be implemented. Osmosis restoration work performed at these specialized centers is covered by a special free warranty issued by Veneziani Yachting. As soon as one of the centers begins a remediation treatment on a boat with Veneziani Yachting products, an “Osmosis Farewell” warranty file is opened where the boat, the state of damage, and the curing work are described.

During curing, the Aquastop center takes moisture measurements and reports the results to Veneziani Yachting. If the completed cycle is found to have been carried out in a workmanlike manner, Veneziani Yachting will issue a “Goodbye Osmosis” warranty certificate guaranteeing the good result of the treatment for a period of 3 years, free of charge.

Aquastop Primer: Specific for fiberglass and anti-osmosis

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