Carbon helms

Cutting-edge monocoque design and excellent functionality. Carbonautica’s ultralight Y-spoke monocoque carbon helms are unique in design, strength and quality.

Carbon helms Carbonautica

Carbonautica helms are built in one piece that combines strength and weight reduction with the best materials available. They have no weak joints or secondary bonding.

All Carbonautica helms fully comply with the EU Recreational Craft Directives and are ISO 8847 certified (certificates are available upon request).

Carbonautica helms come with different hub options:

  • Solid stainless steel hub for any brand of steering.
  • Anodized aluminum hub for any brand of rudder.





Data sheet

Prodotto Dimensione Weight
Carbon Y-spoke E 600 (23˝) 1200g (2,6lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S 700 (27˝) 1400g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S 800 (31˝) 1500g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s 900 (35˝) 1650g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s 1000 (39˝) 1760g (3.8lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s 1100 (43˝) 1870g (4.0lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1200 (47˝) 1980g (4.3lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E 1300 (51˝) 2200g (4.7lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1400 (55˝) 2520g (5.4lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1500 (59˝) 2870g (6.2lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1600 (63˝) 3290g (7.0lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S 1700 (67˝) 3800g (8.2lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S 1800 (71˝) 4600g (9.9lbs)
E = Elegance // S = Sport // 5s = 5-spoke // 3s = 3-spoke


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