Dry Marina Service at Punta Gabbiani

Dry Marina Punta Gabbiani

Marina Punta Gabbiani offers a unique, advantageous and alternative proposal reserved for all boats from 7 to 18 meters: the dry marina or dry port with crane-pass, which allows you to experience your boat ashore year-round with the comforts of a place in the water.

With the crane-pass service there are wingings, hull launching, and hull washes very quickly, at any time, with or without notice. This is a real advantage for all boaters as the hull stays dry and does not need antifouling, thus reducing the chance of osmosis. It also enables all minor maintenance to be carried out on one’s own. The equipped and elevated docks make it easy to reach your boat and have all the necessary services for staying ashore: electricity, water, pump out system or onboard black water suctionservice, satellite TV, WiFi internet and car parking directly under the boat.

In addition, guests who choose the ground stop with crane-pass can take advantage of all the other services present within the Marina Resort Punta Gabbiani that is: heated pools and tubs whirlpool with water hot geothermal, restaurant, playground, and shallow children’s pools sympathetically and professionally managed by lifeguards. The dry marina service is a very attractive service for all guests who wish to experience their boat all year round with no hassle and no worries.

Dry Marina Punta Gabbiani

The marina toilets are modern and always well maintained. The cleaning of the bathrooms is implemented by trusted and competent staff; with each and every use, each bathroom is immediately disinfected, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. To avoid queues and gatherings, access is managed with automated traffic light system.

Marina Punta Gabbiani respects the environment and has received the European Blue Flag for 25 years for the quality of services and from the choices made in the management of the facility, in line with EU standards on the preservation of the ecosystem in which it is integrated.


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