E-Dek is completely different from all foam products ever seen so far. our product is designed to last twice as long as a standard foam product and to allow our customers to have the best quality currently on the market on their boats.

Features – The new era of foam decks

  • Lightweight. E-Dek is lighter than other synthetic teak options currently on the market
  • Double durability. the lifespan of E-Dek is estimated to be 7-10 years, roughly double that of 90% of foam products on the market!
  • Easy to clean. E-Dek is very easy to clean. dirt of any kind cannot be absorbed by the product. Everything can be washed away with water!
  • Stronger. The density of E-Dek is over 150 kg/m3, much more than the competition this makes the material stronger and harder to break!
  • Soft. The soft touch of the product is very comfortable to the feet. Those who try it never go back!
  • Hot-cast layers. The two layers of E-Dek are not bonded together by adhesive but are fused together at very high temperatures! this makes the two layers one, impossible to separate.

Wide range of colors

Customization is our strong point, our color range combined with numerically controlled machining of the product give almost endless possibilities!


Rectangular panels

E-Dek is available in 2.05 x 1.03-m rectangular panels that can be machined independently by anyone with a CNC milling machine.

Panels can also be supplied with pre-cut lines for those who do not have a CNC, so that cutting by cutter directly in the boat is possible for even the least experienced person.

Custom-made panels

E-Dek is available in custom-made panels. The design is chosen directly by the customer and CNC carved by our machinery. Classic, diamond, hexagonal, anything is possible! Any type of logo can also be added to E-Dek.

Both our rectangular and custom-made panels already come with 3M adhesive on the back for quick and easy gluing on their own.

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