ecoracer25 from Northern Light Composites

The Northern Light Composites sport boat

Ecoracer25 is the first racing prototype built with nlcomp’s technology: in fact, the boat is constructed of 100 percent linen fiber and has an end-of-life recyclable core, as does the entire boat, thanks to the use of a newly developed resin. The mast and fin and rudder structures are made of aluminum and steel, while the motor is electric: choices again in the name of sustainability.

In addition to the choice of environmentally sustainable construction materials, one of the goals of the Monfalcone startup is to avoid all processing that impacts the health of the builders: therefore, the choice was made to make the composite by infusion and to avoid all painting activities, using films for the outer coating.

The construction of ecoracer25

The first sports boat made by Northern Light Composites


Among the distinguishing features of the boat, which aims to win in ORC Sportboat competitions, is a particular inverted bow, already seen on some latest generation superyachts and racers, as well as motorboat-inspired spray rails and, finally, the choice to place the rudder very far forward, details studied by designer Matteo Polli, who comments as follows: “on this boat we pushed on the accelerator of innovation in several areas, starting with the materials but also in the hull shapes and the lay-out of the appendages, it will be really interesting to see the result.”

Take ecoracer25 everywhere

Shin Software 3D technology makes it possible to take ecoracer769 anywhere!

The water lines of ecoracer25 are signed by Matteo Polli, the structures by Matteo Sconocchia and Alessandro Pera, while the deck plan was designed by Gianluca Salateo and the construction details are followed by Roberto Baraccani.


Watch our test of the ecorcer25

Technical specifications ecoracer25

Length 7.69 m
Maximum beam 2.80 m
Fishing 1.80 m
Displacement 1,100 kg
Upwind sail area 42 m2
Stern sail area 100 m2
Preliminary ORC rating GPH 615


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