Evercor is something never before seen in the marine flooring market. It is a composite material, the union of a natural element such as cork and one with eternal properties such as rubber. This innovative product combines the strength and durability characteristics of a plastic product with the thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics of cork, while also expanding the customization options available.


  • Insulation. Cork is a high-performance thermal and sound insulator. your Evercor blanket will stay cool even on hot summer days and will also protect from heat and noise any interior rooms located below it.
  • Resistant. Due to the combined shock-absorbing capabilities of cork and rubber, Evercor is unrivaled in the market when it comes to durability!
  • Eco Friendly. The combination of a recyclable and eternal material like rubber and a renewable and deforestation-free natural material like cork.


  1. No maintenance. Resistant to everything. Clean it with soap and water, if necessary using high-pressure jets.
  2. Anti-slip. Evercor has the ability to increase its grip when wet. Therefore, you will not slip in any condition!
  3. Custom logos and designs. With Evercor you can have any kind of customization.

5 colors

  • Teak-black
  • Teak-white
  • Grey-black
  • Grey-blue
  • White-blue


Can’t find the right coloring for you? Request a custom coloring, we will try to meet your wishes!

One product, several possibilities

We supply Evercor in different thicknesses and finishes. We are not limited to the classic product but have several alternatives available to please any type of customer.

Evercor 4.5 mm double layer with recessed lines. The classic, most popular product, consisting of two thermofused layers of different colors. the lines are CNC engraved going to create the design required by the customer.

Evercor single layer one layer, different thicknesses. You can leave Evercor’s surface smooth or have custom flooring with lines engraved by numerical control and then filled with a special resin in the color of your choice!

3.5 mm or 2.5 mm

Also available in “textured” version for unprecedented anti-slip performance

Two installation options

  1. Bonding with one-component adhesive. You will be able to glue Evercor with our official adhesive, which will ensure a perfect result and high durability. This type of installation is suitable for people with good dexterity and professionals.
  2. 3M sticker on the back. We can supply Evercor with already a very powerful 3M adhesive affixed to the back of the material. This will make installation quick and easy even for the inexperienced person.
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