Fiberglass composite rudders

Our GFC (Glass Fiber Composite) helms are produced using our new mold injection process. In this way we can maintain the same strength and quality at all times beyond and, at the same time, optimize production time by making it faster.

Helms in GFC Carbonautica

The performance of carbon at a much lower cost. In recent years we have worked hard to optimize the construction process. The special feature is that the helm is made of fiberglass composite with an aluminum hub, so it has an overall weight similar to the carbon version. More importantly, it is priced one-third less.





Data sheet

Prodotto Dimensione
GFC Y-spoke E 600 (23˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 700 (27˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 800 (31˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s 900 (35˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1000 (39˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1100 (43˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1200 (47˝)
GFC Y-spoke E 1300 (51˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1400 (55˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1500 (59˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1600 (63˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1700 (67˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1800 (71˝)
E = Elegance // S = Sport // 5s = 5-spoke // 3s = 3-spoke


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