Garmin Marine – Motor Boats of 18 meters

Garmin Marine – Motor Boats of 18 meters

Enjoy the sea cruise, whether it is a day out or a weekend away. From safety to comfort and entertainment in navigation Garmin Marine has the right solution for your needs.

Do you use the motor boat to enjoy the sea with your family and friends? Do you want music always on top with a dedicated sound system, without forgetting the instrumentation to always be safe? Garmin Marine has the wiring diagram for you. Each boat has different needs that depend mainly on its intended use. Today we see the wiring diagram of an 18-meter cabin motor boat.

Garmin Marine – Motor Boats of 18 meters

What tools do you need aboard an 18-meter powerboat to enjoy a sea cruise to the fullest?


  • GPSMAP® 1223: Want sleek design and high processing power in a chartplotter with a 12-inch high-resolution IPS display and world basemap? Here they are.
  • GPSMAP 8416xsv: 16″ combo chartplotter/explorer with full HD IPS (in-plane switching) touchscreen and world basemap.
  • Supporting it is a GHC 20 control unit featuring an “easy to use” interface and a large, bright 4-inch color display that can be seen from any angle.
  • GPS 24xd: high-sensitivity receiver capable of locating GNSS satellite systems, ensures accurate and precise data such as position and speed of the vessel with a high degree of reliability even at low speeds.
  • GPS/GLONASS GA38: Designed to take advantage of the GLONASS satellite system/constellation and standard GPS, this rugged outdoor antenna comes inside a low-profile, waterproof housing and provides 3 simple mounting solutions: pole, surface, or below deck (for the underside of fiberglass decks).


  • VHF 315i The VHF 315i is a modular system that provides maximum convenience on large vessels where it is necessary to have a station with multiple communication stations or on vessels where there is no space to install a traditional VHF in the console. It has a built-in GPS receiver with connector for optional external antenna.
  • GHS 11i: The GHS 11i unit is a compact, rugged, fully waterproof handset compatible with AIS and 210i VHFs. Equipped with a 2″ LCD display, multifunction keypad and dedicated buttons for channel 16 access and DSC function, this device can also be used as a secondary station of the VHF unit.
  • GMR Fantom 18/24x Radomes: 50-watt solid-state radomes, have a range of 20 to 48 nautical miles, even in fog or rain. In addition, they offer a rotation speed of up to 60 rpm ensuring a refresh rate that detects motion at any speed. This time they are available in white or black versions so you can match them to your boat.
  • GMS 10: Self-configuring 5-input network hub with 100 MB data transfer rate, enabling plug and play connection of multiple devices to the Garmin Marine Network and expansion of its capabilities. Devices connected to this device are automatically detected and are immediately accessible once connected to the network.
  • AIS 800: Enhance your knowledge of your surroundings and increase safety at sea with the new AIS 800 transceiver. In fact, it allows you to display on your chartplotter the Class B/SO Automatic Identification System (AIS) data of surrounding vessels with all identifying information and position, course and speed data in addition to sending your own. The new AIS 800 includes a built-in GPS (with connector for optional external antenna) and integrates seamlessly with the on-board Garmin Marine system.
  • Airmar DT 800: Our smart plastic pass-through transducer provides depth and temperature data to the NMEA 2000 network.
  • Airmar B60: This bronze transducer with basic level tilt fits tilt angles of 16-24 degrees without a fairing.
  • GC 200: IP camera for surfing in total security.

Surround View System

  • GSV 10 Camera Surround View: an innovation for recreational boating and yachting. Using six cameras flush-mounted on the hull, Surround View provides a 360-degree view to help the owner quickly visualize everything around their boat during mooring or difficult maneuvers. It consists of six 1080p cameras: one camera on the bow, one on the stern, and two cameras installed on the starboard and port side. When the system is active, it provides a full 360-degree top-down real-time view of the entire vessel directly to compatible Garmin chartplotters.


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